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Daily App Digest – February 1, 2012

Latest apps and updates to hit the iTunes store today…



TimeTag stands out from the competition in that ease of use was a primary design objective. Instead of convoluted start & stop buttons, which can be confusing, the app features a giant button that’s easy to tap. Activities are organized by tags which can further be organized into categories. At the end of each day, the user can quickly glance at the records to see where time was spent, without manual addition of time spent per activity.

The export gives the user a clean, simple list of their records which can be exported as a webpage, or as a CSV file to use in any spreadsheet application. As most people have their preferred invoicing templates, the export is devoid of unnecessary markings and theming.


GoBang 2012


GoBang 2012, a new classic turn-based game app from Bohemia Touch, was made live today in the iTunes Store. The game is a five-in-a-row/gomoku like game usually played with paper and pencil or with go pieces. A player can play against computer against a human opponent. Computer opponent offers three difficulty levels when hard level is really not easy to beat and players must develop a unique tactics to win.

Roman Knize, Chief of Development of Bohemia Touch says, "We believe that this app will add a real value to the competition of similar games by its unique computer opponent skills".

Because the game is available worldwide it offers two design schemes. One classic which imitates paper and pencil design and another with GO black and white pieces. The adjustable difficulty level helps ease everyone into the game play and provides more challenging matches for those with strategic minds.




PhatWare is thrilled to announce today the major new release of PhatPad for iPad, a note-taking and collaboration app featuring PhatWare’s proven handwriting recognition technology. PhatPad 2.0 is optimized for iOS 5 and features new multilingual handwriting recognition technology supporting seven languages, including English, German, French, Dutch, Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish.

The company has also created the multilingual user interface for PhatPad. It is now available in English, French, and German. Further, the text-formatting feature has also been improved, letting users quickly change the format of text labels without creating new styles.

More than just a note-taking app, PhatPad turns an iPad into an advanced brainstorming tool by enabling users to draw, write, and type on the iPad, then instantly share ideas via email, WiFi sync, Dropbox, Evernote, Google Docs, or in PhatPad’s presentation mode.


Treasure Kai and the Lost Gold of Shark Island


Treasure Bound Books features four children as cartoons in the Treasure Kai book app, makes history. Imagine yourself as a child appearing in one of your favorite books for the whole world to see. In the flexible world of book apps, it’s possible for today’s children and that dream has come true for four fans of the acclaimed children’s book app, "Treasure Kai and the Lost Gold of Shark Island."  

Karen Robertson, author of "Treasure Kai," held a contest – "Be an App Star" – to find fans to feature in the app. To land the cameo roles, the children drew treasure maps and included the hero, Treasure Kai, somewhere on their maps. Award-winning illustrator of Treasure Kai, Victor Guiza, designed cartoons in the images of the winners. The new version of the app that features the fans can be downloaded via the Apple store.

"With book apps, authors have a whole new way to involve fans with our stories because we can easily change content and update our apps," said Robertson. "The ‘App Star’ contest has been a terrific way to build excitement among our readers and buzz about our app. Children and parents from around the world participated, something that would have been hard to do with our printed book."

A public online vote determined the 15 semi-finalists who advanced to a panel of guest judges that selected one winner from each age group. The winner are Riley Darlison 6, Hunter Brossman 7, and Walid Sibai 11. Angela Walsh, an 11 year-old with Down syndrome, won the "Creator’s Choice" award from the author and illustrator for her enchanting abstract map.


T-Bone Jacksons Super Pee-Wee Pass Challenge


Michael Vick the Philadelphia Eagles quarterback tweeted last Friday afternoon, "Can’t stop playing this T-Bone Jackson football app! Ya’ll check it out." When asked for his high score by @GarrettHuff4 on twitter, @mikevick replied "37,727 and getting better." T-Bone Jackson’s Super Pee-Wee Pass Challenge is rated 4.5/5 stars on the iTunes App Store and is available on iPhone and iPod touch for free, with the option of ad removal for a low price.

T-Bone Jackson’s Super Pee-Wee Pass Challenge is rated 4.5/5 stars on the iTunes App Store and is available on iPhone and iPod touch for free, with the option of ad removal for $0.99. Styled after classic 8-bit arcade games, players have 60 seconds to score points by hitting children on the field or the team mascot. T-Bone Jackson’s Super Pee-Wee Pass Challenge is the kind of addictive, quirky game 21st Street Games is known for. Download the free game on iTunes.


Big Dai Di


Newly formed Indie games publisher Steak Baby, today announces the launch of their first card game for iPad on iTunes. Big Dai Di is a premium version of the popular Asian card game Big 2 a.k.a Choh Dai Di.

Commonly referred to as Chinese Poker, Big 2 is hugely popular in Greater China and South East Asia but relatively unknown in other parts of the world. By bringing the game to iPad and including a mini tutorial and high quality user experience, the folks behind Steak Baby (who are addicted fans of the game) hope that Big Dai Di will convert even more enthusiasts and give old fans a brand new challenge – its rumoured that it might even improve their game!

While not the first version of Big 2 available on iTunes, Big Dai Di is (surprisingly) the first of its kind to make the user experience a priority. It is the only iPad version on iTunes with an in-game tutorial for first time users and features realistically demanding AI opponents that even seasoned players will find challenging. Additional features of Big Dai Di include:

* Play in English, Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese
* 3 different scoring methods – Hands, Points or Gold
* Slick User Interface
* Intuitive motion controls
* 8 Original AI opponents with varying skill levels
* Connect to Game Centre to save scores and achievements
* Share functions let you boast your achievements to friends on social media including Twitter, Facebook, Renren and Weibo


Dark Incursion


Big Blue Bubble Inc. today is excited to announce the newest version of the epic side-scroller, Dark Incursion, now with iCade and Joypad support! The new update is now live on iTunes at the 66% discount.

Dark Incursion (Universal App) is a side scrolling "Metroidvania" style game with a vivid steam punk art style using eye-popping pixel art combined with the stereoscopic 3D that will literally make the action jump off the screen. It takes place in an alternate reality in the late 1800’s, amidst an industrial revolution and a world war. Play as Anya, one of the few who knows about a secret bunker where scientists have been attempting to bioengineer their own soldiers, hoping to turn the tide in war.

In Dark Incursion, players have a multitude of bio-engineered weapons at their disposal with which to eradicate the abominations from the city. Weapon and ability upgrades will get more powerful the deeper players get and the more advanced the monsters become. Can Anya complete her mission before the allied forces enter the city and mistakenly allow these creatures to escape?




Independent video game studio, hart[dev] today introduces GraviMaze 1.0.1, their new gravity-based puzzle game for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices. In GraviMaze, the player rotates the level and uses gravity to navigate through tortuous mazes and escape with as many coins as possible. GraviMaze can be picked up in seconds, but be prepared to wrack your brains. The game contains a hundred levels sprawling five Mayan temples, each with unique visuals and attractive melodies.

In GraviMaze, the player rotates the level and uses gravity to navigate through tortuous mazes and escape with as many coins as possible. The game contains a hundred levels sprawling five Mayan temples, each with unique visuals and attractive melodies. "GraviMaze can be picked up in seconds, but be prepared to wrack your brains if that’s what you are looking for," said David Hart, founder of hart[dev].


MahJong Dynasty


Silly Tale today is pleased to release Mahjong Dynasty 1.2, solitaire game for iPad. Your favorite game got new layouts. Start your new adventure, solving puzzles with gradually increasing complexity. On your way you expect the mysterious pyramids and altars. At the end of the path awaits the Temple with an increased level of difficulty. But to get to it, you’ll need to overcome guarding the Pyramid, you will require persistence and patience. Good luck in your adventures, you’ll need it!

The objective of this game is to try to reproduce the maximum complexity of the real solitaire originally created by Brodie Lockard. Only in this way the real winners may get to the top of the best.

However, the game has a more gentle mode: a hint with timeout and shuffle to help players don’t get stuck in the game. A elegant graphics and music with traditional Chinese motifs can help to dissolve in the game, calmly and confidently move forward to solve the next puzzle.

The game was conceived by Petr, the Silly Tale’s programmer, under the impression from Brodie Lockard’s mahjong. Five year old Petr’s son was trying to disassemble everything in the house. The game calmed his activity, diverted from mischief. Parents were able to do their homework, leaving the kid alone with the puzzle. Other parents can benefit from this experience thanks to mahjong.

The Lost City


Fire Maple Games, creators of "The Secret of Grisly Manor", today are proud to announce the release of their new point and click adventure game, "The Lost City", built from the ground up for and iOS and Android devices.

In this family-friendly adventure game, players explore the ruins of an ancient city, located deep in a mist-shrouded forest. Stunning graphics showcase imaginative puzzles and objects throughout the game. Clues abound, and as each puzzle is solved, the solution to others present themselves.

"I really wanted to recreate the puzzle-solving and sense of exploration from the adventure games that I loved as a kid. These games focus less on story and more on leaving the player free to explore a creative, puzzle-filled world. And these touch-based devices create such an intimate, immersive environment – it’s just perfect for these types of games" said Joseph Kauffman, CEO. "I really hope classic games like The Lost City catch on again, because they are my favorite type of games to play! Hopefully Fire Maple Games can help to usher in a new era."


Rat Dissection


Rat Dissection from PunFlay has been listed by the Sunday Times as one of the 500 best apps in the world. Considered by many as the definitive guide to must-have mobile apps, the Sunday Times App List selects from the wide range of both categories and devices. Rat Dissection walks you through a virtual dissection of a rat, with written instructions and voice-over to guide the user through the simulated procedure.

Educators and students will find this very green app a blessing in the classroom. Users can get a feel for dissecting a rat on the iPad without ever inflicting any harm on the animal. Validated by subject matter experts, educators and students will find this app a useful tool in the classroom. The Rat dissection app has been designed for middle and high school students. It is a great subsitute for the  real thing and will fit perfectly in the science curriculum.

* Individual 3-D organ views and information
* Voiceovers for instruction and reading
* Accurate simulation of the wet lab dissection procedure
* Dissection tools like pins, marker, scissors, scalpel, and forceps


Catch the Monkey


Catch the Monkey launches today in the Apple App Store. This innovative game bucks the action-game trend of using violence to overcome obstacles. In Catch the Monkey, adorable and curious monkeys invade an elderly farmer’s field. Players help remove them by using a variety of humorous and non-violent tools. Game developer Mirthwerx found this radical approach so conceptually difficult, that it almost didn’t happen.

"We’re steeped in a gaming culture of violence. It was hard to break free and think of new solutions," says co-designer Thomas Henshell. "Even mobile hits considered family-friendly contain cartoon violence. Plants vs. Zombies has shooting of zombies, while Angry Birds has the crushing of pigs."  

Artist and co-designer Alex Lin recalls the early design dilemmas, "The monkeys are like toddlers: cute, curious, and always getting into trouble. With this artistic direction it was clear the player cannot harm the monkeys. We discarded numerous concepts before one day discovering the key while observing a parent. When toddlers are doing something they shouldn’t, parents will shake a rattle to shift the child’s attention. Parents have been using distraction for centuries!  With this distraction concept, we knew we could move forward and make a great game!"

But how would players feel about a non-violent action game? Thomas responds, "We know people may think non-violent means non-fun. This was a huge hurdle. It wasn’t about merely coming up with non-violent solutions, but coming up with fun and engaging non-violent solutions. The distraction mechanic makes for an enjoyable experience that can get quite intense. Yet, beneath the cute, funny visuals, is a game of serious depth. There is plenty of challenge even for the veteran gamer."


Elf Defense


Elf Defense 1.0.1, a stunningly executed, brand new tower defense game from veteran developer JellyOasis, sets a new standard with exceptional graphics and game design. The premise of the game, well-communicated in both the game’s narrative cut scenes and within the gameplay itself, is simple. The elf nation has been generous with their human neighbors, extending their magical skills and resources. But their generosity has only incited greed in their former allies. Now, the human army is committing an unforgivable intrusion – attacking the elves in their own settlements.

Players strategically position elven and mercenary forces along the path of assault in order to protect the elven castle. Each stage requires defeating a predetermined number of enemy waves, without allowing the fortress to be overcome. As the game progresses, greater complexity is introduced as players gain access to more combat unit types, special soldiers for higher, and items. The human forces and their allies grow more sophisticated in their attacks as well, creating balanced, satisfying pacing throughout the game.

Elf Defense faces stiff competition in the thriving tower defense genre, but JellyOasis has little to worry about. The unique character design and superb HD graphics set the game apart, and Elf Defense boasts charm that is not just skin deep. In addition to the unique block-like character design, the vibrant palette of colors, and charming, detailed animation, the game play itself is sure to build a loyal fan base.


Last Target


Last Target is now available exclusively for the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. Last Target is a highly addicting game where players need to navigate a pellet through a course consisting out of countless platforms and bricks headed into deep space – just by tilting the iPhone or the iPad. The uniqueness of the new game of skill: There is no end as the world rises up infinite to the space.

In Last Target the player controls a ball, rolling over platforms floating around in the space. Countless junctions and bricks are connected with each other – to a construct full of deadly deep hollows, stretching in every direction. On the way not only the omnipresent chasms are a big problem. There are also lots of sabers swinging in deadly circles, moving opponents, cannons and other types of enemies, just making the life difficult.

Jan-Niklas Freundt, with the age of 16 one of the youngest app developers around the world, worked 8 months on Last Target: "The biggest challenge is to stay alive as long as possible while avoiding all the obstacles. There are no levels, the journey is infinite and different every time you play."

Everywhere on the platforms the player can collect so called "Uranium". With sufficient "Uranium" it is possible to upgrade abilities, buy power-ups and even new pellets. This will allow the player to add a bright shining shield to his pellet, get higher scores in less time and make it even possible to resurrect after death.

How to Invest in Real Estate


Announcing that International Investment Estates, the developers of How to Invest in Real Estate, has released a unique app for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad users. This is a newly launched application that arms users with information and strategies for investing in the real estate market. How to Invest in Real Estate is the first product of its kind in the App Store, offering a comprehensive guide to profitable deals. It is suitable for beginners, as well as experienced investors and real estate agents.

International Investment Estates is proud to announce the launch of their unique application called, How to Invest in Real Estate. This application is the first of its kind in the App Store, offering a comprehensive guide for beginning and experienced investors, alike. It is also ideal for real estate agents and those contemplating and looking to explore real estate as an investment option.

How to Invest in Real Estate covers numerous strategies and topics such as, buying, selling, flipping, zero down, subject to, paying cash, and more. Users are able to learn about the profitability factors found in any deal, so they are able to make the highest profit margin possible.

Mishu The Dragon


Announcing that HUMAN G&A Ltd, the developer of Mishu The Dragon, has just released the latest update for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad users. Mishu The Dragon 1.3.2 offers HD graphics and non-stop, fire breathing action, but the real fun comes with this latest update. The developer has placed Mishu The Dragon head and shoulders above other running games by adding an online multi-player feature to this already fun and addicting app. Players can invite their friends who own the app to an online last dragon standing match.

At this time, no other running game in the app store offers multi-player action, making Mishu The Dragon a unique and ground breaking app.

Mishu The Dragon 1.3.2 Features Include:
* Innovative Multiplayer mode
* Colorful HD graphics
* Easy to play
* Collect power ups
* Fast and frantic action
* Many Enemies to defeat
* Online leaderboards

The user interface is both easy and intuitive. Users tap the left side of the screen to make the dragon jump, or tap twice to fly. Tapping the right side of the screen launches a fireball. Players make Mishu jump or fly to avoid spike covered obstacles and launch fireballs to defeat their enemies.

Users collect "Power-Up" items along the way, allowing for more powerful attacks. These include bouncing fireballs, triple fire, electro fire, and far shooting fire. With these Power-Up items, players can devastate the enemy, but there is also danger. Mishu accumulates damage while doing battle, so users must pay attention to his health.


Custom Alarm Clock Lite


Announcing that Hunka Web Solutions Pvt Ltd., the developers of Custom Alarm Clock Lite, has released an exciting new product for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad users. This is a fun and flexible application that offers users a variety of alarm types including text to voice, vocal recordings and music. The app also offers a flashlight, automatic local weather forecasting, image uploading and display, customizable settings and more. Custom Alarm Clock has been designed to provide a personal and more pleasant method of awakening.

Hunka Web Solutions is proud to announce the recent launch of Custom Alarm Clock Lite.

This application is not just another alarm clock, it is also a mood enhancer. Users have total flexibility inside the app and can set up as many different alarms as they want, each one according to their personal preferences.

To start with, users are able to choose from a variety of alarms including music from their own iPod; tunes selected from provided music; personally typed text-to-voice message; or a personally recorded voice. While a user’s sense of hearing is addressed by the alarm, their sense of sight is appeased when they upload a favorite photo for display when the alarm goes off. An example of how this duo might work together would be the recording of a child’s voice and a photo of the child being the first things heard and seen as a user wakes up. It makes waking up easy and happier.

Custom Alarm Clock Lite also acts as a flashlight when shaken, and automatically finds local weather conditions, displaying temperatures in the user’s choice of Celsius or Fahrenheit.



Announcing that FourthArt, the developers of ConsuList, has launched an exciting new product for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad users. ConsuList offers the public contact data for top level executives of corporations worldwide, as well as almost all BBB offices in the US and Canada. Users are able to contact company management directly, speeding up complaint resolution and reducing the time dealing with customer service personnel, or sitting on hold. All of the research has been done, ensuring a fast and easy experience for users.

ConsuList is a newly launched application developed by FourthArt. It contains the public contact data for an extensive list of top level executives in companies worldwide, as well as all of the Better Business Bureau (BBB) office listings for the U.S. and most of the BBBs in Canada. The app’s intended purpose is to facilitate a fast and easy method of passing on a compliment or lodging a complaint about a product or service directly to the top brass of a company.

"By contacting executive management, issues tend to get resolved much faster and more effectively," says FourthArt president, Julian Clayton.

Some of the information in ConsuList includes executive names, a company’s physical address, executive email addresses when publicly available, company Twitter and Facebook page links. And of course, the contact data for most of the BBBs in North America, in case a conflict cannot be resolved.

All of the research for the included organizations and people has been done and can be searched by company name or industry. This allows users to quickly communicate with those who can help with a problem, or to whom they want to commend an employee, service or product. Using ConsuList also reduces or eliminates the run-around typically experienced by dealing with customer service personnel, or the long wait times on hold.


PrestoBingo Shapes


Spur Design, a nationally recognized design and illustration studio, has released a new ipad app, PrestoBingo Shapes, which teaches shape recognition and counting. It is designed for children ages 2-6. Illustrated by Joyce Hesselberth, PrestoBingo Shapes takes a modern approach to app design.

PrestoBingo Shapes provides an introduction to geometry for children. Circles, diamonds, ovals, rectangles, semi-circles, squares, triangles, trapezoids, and triangles are explained and identified. Each screen presents a different shape-finding puzzle and kids are verbally and visually prompted to click on the shapes. Animations throughout the app explain geometric forms concisely, and encourage children to see shapes in a unique way. When prompted for more information, the apps narration explains, " A trapezoid is a triangle with the top cut off. It can be a tent in the woods, or a lampshade, or a ship sailing away."

The premiss for designing this app was the simple idea that we can find shapes everywhere. As creator Joyce Hesselberth explains, "A square isn’t just a square. It’s a present, a building, a jack-in-the-box, a window. Sometimes it’s even something silly, like my brother’s head, or a balloon that’s not quite right. Shapes are everywhere."


GLSL Studio


kode80 LLC has announced the release of GLSL Studio 1.02, the second update to it’s fully featured OpenGL programming environment for iOS. GLSL Studio brings serious GPU programming abilities to iOS allowing graphics coders to work on the go and filling a gap in the App Store productivity library.

GLSL Studio 1.02 introduces 3D model import enabling developers and artists to test shader programs on their own 3D models directly in the app. A number of different file formats are supported including .OBJ .PLY and .MD2. Importing 3D models into GLSL Studio is made simple with iTunes File Sharing. The GLSL Studio code editor also sees a significant update in 1.02 gaining full code completion. As you type, GLSL keywords, function names and more are suggested along the top of the keyboard acting as a language guide and adding significant typing shortcuts. When exporting shader programs, GLSL Studio now also exports the current vertex data as a static array .h file making it even easier to quickly integrate and test in off-device projects.

GLSL (OpenGL Shader Language) is a GPU programming language used by most modern portable devices and new technologies such as WebGL. GLSL programs are run directly on the graphics hardware allowing full control over how geometry and pixels are processed. GLSL Studio not only enables the creation, editing and compilation of shader programs but also exposes device capabilities such as multi-touch and live video streaming to them allowing for things such as realtime video filters to be created.




Announcing that Green Gate Ltd. the developers of BabyTapBook, has released a great new kids’ product for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad users. BabyTapBook is a new, unique application designed for young children, from newborn to toddlers. The app is really 4-in-1, providing soothing sounds for sleep, educational play, full parental content creation and control, as well as a recording feature to capture a child at play on a front facing camera device. The saved thirty second videos can be shared on Facebook and YouTube.

BabyTapBook is different from other apps of its kind in the App Store. This one is actually four apps in one, providing an environment for kids and adults, alike. With the BabyTapBook app, newborns can be lulled to sleep with the soothing womb-like sounds that they’re comforted by. There is an option to play a continuous loop of the sound by enabling airplane mode and letting the app run all night or naptime long.

Once a youngster is old enough to tap a device screen, they are able to virtually explore the world by simply tapping any of the more than two hundred colorful HD photos. When tapped, the pictures expand and the audio kicks in, saying the name of the photographed object and playing the appropriate sound effect. Very young children are able to learn new words, as well as see things that they have never been exposed to before.


Bruce Springspreen Games


Do you know all there is to know about Bruce?  TourBuddy Systems LLC asks that question with the launch of "Bruce Springsteen Games." This game – designed by-fans for fans, is hands-down the largest collection of Bruce trivia and information on the App Store. This interactive quiz offers Boss Buffs a treasure trove of questions about Bruce, the E-Street Band, their music, the members and their lives both on and off the stage. Start with 250 questions included and then upgrade to double the size of the question-bank if you like! Question difficulty ranges from casual fan facts to the choicest nuggets only the most die-hard fans will know. Either way, users are sure to learn a thing or two as they play.

Features include:
* 500 thoroughly researched Bruce Springsteen trivia questions
* Choose to reveal answers when you get stumped
* New rounds of trivia served up randomly
* Dynamic scoring, harder questions earn more points
* Links to download other great music trivia apps
* One download and you can use it on all devices

Bruce Springsteen Games is available directly on the iPhone or iPod touch and on iTunes, with free updates included. It is also offered in a full-sized iPad version for the same low price of $.99. Users with multiple devices can download it once, on any device, and play it on all your devices, universally.

Blast Reaction


Mobile games players’ preferences are the casual games, since they can be played at the train, at the bus or in the quick lunch at the work. Blast Reaction is an example of an addictive casual game. Very easy to learn to play, it can be addictive for players who are trying to complete the goal of each level of the game while they watch beautiful chain graphical explosions.

Recently updated by its developer company K-Apps, the game’s performance has increased and new graphical effects have been added. With the release of the new version and also a downloadable content, downloads at Apple Store increased significantly. Coupons to download the game for free at AppStore can be found on some popular blogs and websites.

"Awesome and addictive!" is what some players are saying about Blast Reaction. "I had played the game first time at my friends iPhone. Too bad I don’t have an iPhone yet…"




Typing with 10 fingers is faster and more comfortable by a self adapting key configuration: TypeWay continuously adapts the virtual keyboard to individual hands, hand sizes, hand positions, and typing habits. That supports fast touch-typing for note taking and the flow of thinking and writing, as in education, business, or journalism. The innovative app makes use of iPad’s multi-touch capabilities.

The first self-adapting multi-touch keyboard TypeWay 1.0 is available on market. For typing with all ten fingers this utility app is an innovation, which fits to iPad’s technology of sensing 10 touches simultaneously (on iPad even up to 11 touches are possible). Conventional keyboards require a discipline to tap in linear rows, however for example pinky finger and ring finger would prefer relative short distances. Hands are individual in size, shape, and typing habits, and may shift their position. This app uses information about touch events in several algorithms to control and refresh the configuration of keys continuously (patents and patents pending). From user’s perspective the concept is in a new way simple.

The app allows fast typing e.g. for note taking, protocols, lesson-scripts, interviews, mails, and basic text editing. The keys adapt to small hands of children, pupils, and scholars. Blind typing eases the closely connected processes of thinking and writing for students and journalists, and might increase the productivity of professionals.



Tiktak Games today is pleased to announce Terapets, the new game of monster that are raising in the App Store. Teraland is a fantastic world where humans live together with some creatures called Terapets. In Terapets you can play with a lot of players about the world with your creatures in the multiplayer mode. A Thousands of players are downloading this game in this moment.

In Terapets you need to train you team of Terapets for save the world of Sollow the Goddness of sillence. You have a lot of monsters for make your team, but you need to go with caution, because you have more than 300 pets with alot of evolutions for make this. You need to use your brain and your strategy for reach the 30 zones in Teraland.


Family Finger Race


Software Adventures will expand tomorrow its lineup of iPhone/iPad apps with a new interactive family game. Created for users of all ages, "Family Finger Race" features the fantastic artwork of the international Italian designer Danilo Sanino. By exploring the multi-touch capabilities of iOS devices, this game creates the perfect finger race experience for either one or two players.

According to Nuno Fonseca, founder of Software Adventures: "Why not use technology to bring families together? Parents and children playing together and having fun! Father vs. daughter, brother vs. sister, grandmother vs. grandson, boyfriend vs. girlfriend, or even alone".

The goal of the game is to win a finger race – the user rubs the finger on a small finger area and his/her animal moves forward. With many cartoon-like animals to choose from (12 different animals) and 3 different locations, users must overcome some additional challenges in each level.


Championship Squares


Who needs paper? Use Championship Squares for iPad to add more enjoyment to the Big Game. Don’t spend time running around your party trying to find out who paid or how many squares are left – Championship Squares will take care of this for you. Sit back and relax and let technology make your life easier. Football squares on paper is old school. You want new school.

Start by deciding how much each square will cost. Championship Squares then figures out the total amount available and how much each quarter is worth – or you can edit individual quarters. Now add team names and logos (logos saved from the web into your photo library, for example). Tap a square to add a name and Championship Squares copies it automatically for you to paste in any other square – just double tap. Wow, that’s easy! Once the entire grid is filled in you can add randomly generated numbers and find out who is looking good and who got the 5’s. Collecting what’s owed is still on you but you can keep track with Championship Squares – select a name and then tap ‘Paid’!



Vlad Polyanskiy today proudly announces the release of iTerminal – remote command line utility. iTerminal give you an ability to use your PC command line processor remote from your iOS device. You will be surprised with the convenience and simplicity of this application.

Simple And Clear Design:
* White CMD view
* Black CMD view
* Minimalistic and very simple-to-use interface

* Automatic detection of accessible PCs in local network
* Works both with Wi-Fi and 3G
* Ability to add required PC manually
* Full PC CMD commands support. Use all of them: Xcopy, Ping, etc.
* Support of any external tools like "ipconfig" or any other with command line interface
* Indication of active hosts
* Ability to remote kill and restart CMD on host side at any moment
* Lightweight server part working as service or as application with MSI installer



Majestyk Apps was founded by two college kids, Nicholas Krzemienski and Sean O’Shea. Nick and Sean attend Iona College and are both Computer Science Majors. After taking there first iPhone programming class they realized what they want to do in life. After approximately 2 months of hard work and programming iTraxs, Majestyk Apps first product is now available for purchase on the App Store.

iTraxs 1.0 makes the music listening experience much more enjoyable. iTraxs allows you to shorten and only play your favorite parts of songs and podcasts that are inside your iOS device. iTraxs has been sold in over 7 different countries in the first two weeks of release. Majestyk Apps is looking to partner with any company that might align with our business goal which is to make successful and useful iOS apps. Majestyk Apps is already working on improvements to iTraxs with version 1.1 to be released within the next week.


Scientific Calculator B1


MTbrain IOS Development today is proud to announce version 2.9 of the Scientific Calculator B1, a scientific calculator for iPad/iPhone/iPod touch. The main design pattern was to create a powerful, but easy and intuitive to use Scientific Calculator which ensures the continuous workflow from ‘end-to-end’. Unlike many ‘calculate & forget’ calculators, this calculator supports the transparent and reusable operation as it is necessary in science, school and office. Beside many functional improvements (a huge set of physical/chemical constants) and interface improvements the B1 comes along with a complete new way of realizing arithmetic bracket function – called ‘Formula Injection’.

Werner Schmidtberg (Chief Developer, MTbrain): "The typical scientific way of solving complex questions or calculation is to cut them in smaller, more transparent and less error prone pieces. That’s exactly the model behind formula injection, which we have developed for this version.It is part of the educational design pattern of the Scientific Calculator B1.It lets the user break operations into independent, logical pieces which can be injected later into a running calculation. Utilizing bracket keys and bracket function is no more longer necessary."

The calculator itself uses the arithmetic Infix-Notation system which has been developed by MTbrain from the ground up. A wide range of mathematical operations and of common conversion functions are supported, including logarithms, trigonometric functions, roots and arbitratry exponents. During the whole operation the calculator displays the complete calculation path for each single calculation step. Operators and Brackets are checked and set automatically. The final results and formulas can be persist in the flash memory and as a full record in the internal database as well. The records can be commented for later documentation and can be reused in every detail to continue later operations. The Database records can be sent via email in normal text format for the universal use in other documents.




 BSoft today is pleased to introduce TasteOfWind 1.0 for iPad, their 62-page ebook especially for connoisseurs of exciting fishing, primitive nature, and extreme travel. Featuring nearly 200 photos that can be expanded to display fullscreen, a candid and poetic text narrative, and optional quiz questions through each of the book’s seven chapters, TasteOfWind is written in lively, dynamic language. The ebook, written by Alex Land, contains his first-person narrative and his powerful photos of Mongolia’s native Yurts, mountains, lakes, snow, and fishing. The ebook provides an authentic experience of this exotic country that is covered by steppes, mountains, and deserts, and which is the world’s 19th largest but most sparsely populated country with only 2.75 million people.

Seven Book Chapters:
* The Thrill of the Road – five men in two cars set out through the Altai Mountains
* Customs Gives the OK, But Wear Out the Nerves – three hours getting through customs
* Gasoline Pump, or There Are No Trivialities on the Road – the fuel pump breaks down on the car creating an unscheduled stop
* A Feast for the Body and the Soul – catching the first fish, a Mongolian grayling
* To the Source and Back – traveling through the harsh beauty and desolate valleys of Mongolia’s mid-mountain region
* Wood, Stones, Clouds – the sharp stones and prickly bush grass of the Valley of the Kobdo-Gol River
* Escape From Paradise – weathering a blinding blizzard and leaving Mongolia

TasteOfWind displays beautifully on the iPad in landscape orientation, and each page contains several color photographs shot by the author. Touching any photo expands it fullscreen to reveal subtle colors and picture detail. Included in each chapter are quiz question regarding the material just read. Users answer multiple-choice questions, and their final score is tabulated at the end of the book.


Joanne Carter, creator of the world’s most popular mobile photography and art website— TheAppWhisperer.com— TheAppWhisperer platform has been a pivotal cyberspace for mobile artists of all abilities to learn about, to explore, to celebrate and to share mobile artworks. Joanne’s compassion, inclusivity, and humility are hallmarks in all that she does, and is particularly evident in the platform she has built. In her words, “We all have the potential to remove ourselves from the centre of any circle and to expand a sphere of compassion outward; to include everyone interested in mobile art, ensuring every artist is within reach”, she has said. Promotion of mobile artists and the art form as a primary medium in today’s art world, has become her life’s focus. She has presented lectures bolstering mobile artists and their art from as far away as the Museum of Art in Seoul, South Korea to closer to her home in the UK at Focus on Imaging. Her experience as a jurist for mobile art competitions includes: Portugal, Canada, US, S Korea, UK and Italy. And her travels pioneering the breadth of mobile art includes key events in: Frankfurt, Naples, Amalfi Coast, Paris, Brazil, London. Pioneering the world’s first mobile art online gallery - TheAppWhispererPrintSales.com has extended her reach even further, shipping from London, UK to clients in the US, Europe and The Far East to a global group of collectors looking for exclusive art to hang in their homes and offices. The online gallery specialises in prints for discerning collectors of unique, previously unseen signed limited edition art. Her journey towards becoming The App Whisperer, includes (but is not limited to) working for a paparazzi photo agency for several years and as a deputy editor for a photo print magazine. Her own freelance photographic journalistic work is also widely acclaimed. She has been published extensively both within the UK and the US in national and international titles. These include The Times, The Sunday Times, The Guardian, Popular Photography & Imaging, dpreview, NikonPro, Which? and more recently with the BBC as a Contributor, Columnist at Vogue Italia and Contributing Editor at LensCulture. Her professional photography has also been widely exhibited throughout Europe, including Italy, Portugal and the UK. She is currently writing several books, all related to mobile art and is always open to requests for new commissions for either writing or photography projects or a combination of both. Please contact her at: [email protected]