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There are plenty of calendar apps available and this one pertains to be ‘awesome’ take a look at our review and read what we think…



Developer: YunaSoft Inc
Price: $2.99
Version: 2.0
Released/Updated: April 10, 2012
Size: 9.0 MB

Our Ratings

Graphics/Sound: 3/5

User Interface: 3/5

Gameplay: N/A

Re-use/re-play value: 3/5

Overall Rating: 3/5

Download here

What Is It?



Awesome Calendar is a customizable Google Calendar client for Apple iOS.

Is It Easy To Use?


Yes, once you get used to it, it’s a little tricky at first but you soon pick it up. It comes jam packed with features and you can run many calendars at once. As well as adding actual events you can also add ToDo notes and memos to each date too. You can set alarms to remind you of an upcoming event and select the time-scale that you want to be notified about this.

One particular feature we really like is the live weather report, especially living in England where we are all preoccupied with it.

There also a passcode lock so you can keep private appointments away from prying eyes, there’s also support for 35 national country holidays, although you can only select one per calendar.

You can even share your events with users online and this is a good feature. To do this it does require registration as well as country location to use, but it is a unique feature of this app.

Is It Fun?


Well it is a calendar app, so I’m not sure if it’s designed to be fun, as such. But saying that, productivity apps can be fun when they are helping you organize your life, so in that sense, yes it is.

Is It Pretty?



The text is a little small on both the iPhone and iPad, we’d like to see it a little larger. Part of the problem is that there are so many features to include in each screen that it’s hard to have these much larger than they are already.

Should You Download It?



There’s both a free lite version and the full version available. We would recommend you download the lite version first, if you’re hesitant as to whether this is the calendar app for you. It does have many good points, there’s no question of that. It’s just that it almost crams too much in and literally the text can be too small to read comfortably to appeal to the majority. We’re sure this could be fixed in a future update and would be very welcome. All in all this is a very good app that the developer has put a lot of thought and work into. We like it.

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