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Samsung have commissioned a series of three videos as part of their latest campaign highlighting Samsung Memory. The idea behind it is that Samsung Memory has been designed to keep your general use energy needs down across all of your devices. Samsung mobile devices now come with a 70% power saving, less energy means reduced overheads, shrinking infrastructure and slashed operating costs. Samsung Memory is the smallest ever created, allowing for ultra slim mobile devices, such as of course the gorgeous Samsung Galaxy SIII. This new memory can store twice as much data giving your device faster processing speed and operating power too.

This campaign is not just about memory in your handheld device. If you’ve ever experienced your laptop freezing during an important meeting or presentation then you know how frustrating that is. Samsung say that by choosing a device with Samsung Memory you will be assured of optimum performance at all times, so no crashing and no freezing.

It’s on that note that we can explain more about the very humorous campaign that Samsung have created. It features three evil characters, known as Battery Brutus, Loading Ball Larry and Fiona Freeze.

Battery Brutus is the evil guy that sucks the life out of your mobile device just when you’re catching up reading your favourite website or downloading some movies, you can rely on Brutus to strike.

Wondering who or what is slowing down your device? Think no more, that’s the result of Loading Ball Larry ensuring that quick update you wanted to do now takes hours!

Leaving us last but not least with the evil female character Fiona Freeze, oh yes, just at that crucial moment she will strike and ensure your screen is frozen and no button other than a reset with get things moving again.

Samsung assure us that you can prevent all this evilness just by purchasing a device with Samsung Memory in the first place, good will prevail.

You can read more about Samsung Memory and their great campaign on their website, here.

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Check out the commercials below…


Samsung Memory – Meet Battery Brutus

Sponsored by Samsung



Samsung Memory – Meet Loading Ball Larry


Samsung Memory – Meet Fiona Freeze


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