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An awesome sci-fi shoot ’em up with style and grace…




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Updated: June 28, 2012

Version: 1.0.1

Size: 53.2 MB

Developer: M2M Entertainment

Rated: 4+

Our Ratings

Graphics/Sound: 5/5

User Interface: 4/5

Gameplay: 4/5

Re-use/play value: 4/5

Overall Rating: 4/5

Price: Currently Free for limited time, includes free ship, weapon and items upgrades/download

What Is It?



AstroWings3 – ICARUS is the third installment of the very popular AstroWings series of gaming apps. It is a very fast paced sci-fi shoot ’em up.

Is It Easy To Use?


Yes, the interface is very simple to use, you play the part of Hera, the warrior goddess of AstroWings3, piloting the ship eliminating all who try to attack you, and there’s plenty to do. Your enemies will stop at nothing and are constantly attacking from all angles. You need to move your ship around to stay safe and at the same time shoot to kill. It is a very fast paced game and you will feel your heart rate racing as you move through the levels. The excitement is intense.

There are various options and upgrades in the game, including three aircraft upgrades in each game. You need to use your finger to move the ship around and the firing is automatic. There are fire combos, power upgrades and a very powerful laser beam to call on for back up.

Is It Fun?


Oh yeah mama, it is great fun, if you like shoot em ups. It really doesn’t get better than this. The graphics, sounds, upgrades are all great, put that with the pace of the game and it is definitely all out fun.

Is It Pretty?


Absolutely, the graphics are excellent and pleasure to see.

Should You Download It?


Are you crazy? Of course you should download it. It is currently free and you get a free ship, weapons and items upgrades. Even if you had to pay for it you should download it but as it’s free it’s a no brainer.

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