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Daily App Digest – July 3, 2012

Latest apps and updates to hit the iTunes store today…


The Movie searchOmeter


Announcing that KPL Studios, the developers of the iTC Calc Suite for Filmmakers for iOS devices, organizes a new giveaway to promote their newest free iPhone app, The Movie searchOmeter 1.5.

To enter the giveaway, entrants must like The Movie searchOmeter’s Facebook page. This will give them one (1) chance to win a New iPad (aka iPad 3). By tweeting a special tweet found on giveaway’s page at our website and following @KPL_Studios’ Twitter account, entrants will get a second chance to win the iPad.

Winners will receive The New iPad (16GB Wi-Fi). The amount of winners is based on the number of “likes” on The Movie searchOmeter’s Facebook page. The more “like” the page has, the more chance to win everyone has and the more iPad KPL Studios will give away.


Car Xpenses – Manage Vehicle Maintenance


Umbrella Corporation, a renowned software developer specializing in mobile productivity applications, is pleased to announce that the latest version of its popular car maintenance app, Car Xpenses – Manage Vehicle Maintenance, has been improved by a round of significant upgrades inspired, in part, by critical user feedback. Car Xpenses for iOS, changed the way car owners care for their vehicles allowing users to manage vehicle expenses, servicing, and maintenance with little more than the tap of a fingertip.

Version 1.4 of Car Xpenses – Manage Vehicle Maintenance gives users the option of personalizing their vehicles in the Car Service Events calendar, making it even easier for users to customize their own effective, and unique, method of maintaining the condition and servicing of their vehicles. Several bug fixes have been completed, and a new Notes feature within the calendar makes it easy for users to keep abreast of all the information they need, when they need it. The recent upgrades have driven even more positive conversation toward Car Xpenses, which – even in its early iterations – was considered a game-changing application in offering car owners a better way to efficiently track and manage vehicle servicing, maintenance, and repair costs.


Fraiche Macarons


Candace Rohrick, founder of Fraiche Ideas Inc is cooking up some very fresh ideas on the iTunes store. Fraiche Macarons, the first in a series of recipe apps has just been released and is sure to inspire even the least promising baker. Fraiche Macarons has been created with quality and simplicity in mind. Candace has selected a few of the best macaron recipes accompanied by beautiful photographs of each and curated in a way that is inspiring and easy to use. Fraiche Macarons is a compact, comprehensive tool to help you create this rather tricky cookie like a pro.

Macarons … the quintessential Parisienne cookie. Who else but the French would create such a chic and pretty treat to satisfy both the eye and the palette. You may not be able to patronize a Parisienne Patisserie on a whim, but you may very well be transported once you whip up a batch of macarons and savour the sweet, melt-in-your-mouth sensations this cookie is guaranteed to deliver.

With the Fraiche Macaron app you can enjoy them even if you aren’t within walking distance of a patisserie. With easy to follow recipes illustrated with quality photographs and helpful tips,  you are sure to impress  and delight friends and family with an assortment of these delectable desserts.




Eric Sailers LLC today is pleased to announce the release of StoryPals for Apple iPad. StoryPals is an engaging story comprehension app with 24 original, whimsical stories designed to help children practice listening and reading comprehension. Each included story is accompanied by a 10 question quiz featuring WH questions. Utilizing colorful graphics with animations, the app is highly interactive and engaging. Bridget Gilormini, a speech-language pathologist, said, “It is exciting to see an app for comprehension come to the market created by professionals with the background and experience to understand literacy and language.”

StoryPals includes a number of features that make it user-friendly for both children and educators. Children will love the humorous characters and animations as they interact with the story text in a variety of ways. StoryPals allows the user to customize the experience, so a child can read independently, record his/her voice, or listen to the story using the highest quality text-to-speech with word highlighting available.


Innkeeper HD


Monkey Eater Games today is pleased to introduce Innkeeper HD 1.1 for iPad, their strategy/sim game that puts the player in the shoes of a family running a hotel business on a beautiful but mysterious island in the Philippines. The goal of the game is to build an inn, make it popular for both local and international tourists, while also unraveling the mystery behind the Aswang folklore. Players must satisfy the inn customers and reach a five star rating. Filled with intricate storylines, complicated family dynamics, perplexing rumors of monsters, weather challenges, and more, this game is an immersive sim adventure with intricate gameplay. Game play achievement is divided into ten milestones of 5 half-stars that players must reach in their quest to become a 5-Star hotel.


Master Password


Lyndir today is pleased to introduce Master Password 1.2.1 for iOS, their password management application that creates unique passwords, enabling users to have secure login information for websites, email addresses, computers, home alarm systems, bicycle locks, gaming portals, and more. Employing Lyndir’s custom designed algorithm for creating unique and secure passwords for any purpose, this app uses only a few memorable pieces of information to create unique and secure passwords. Users of Master Password only need to remember one “master” password to access all of their passwords, as secure passwords may be generated on-demand by the application.

Master Password is different from other vault-like password solutions. It allows users to set secure passwords, and at the same time makes losing passwords almost impossible. Built upon security algorithms such as scrypt and HMAC-SHA256, the user’s master password is kept safe even if websites are hacked. A topic very much in the news lately, LinkedIn, eHarmony, and Last.FM have all announced breaches that compromised millions of passwords. These breaches have leaked “hashes” of user’s passwords, which make it easy for attackers to determine the actual passwords if they are not sufficiently secure.


Arrow Mania


GMT Development Ltd today is thrilled to announce the release and immediate availability of Arrow Mania – Free 1.0.2, the free version of its unique puzzle action game for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Arrow Mania is an original puzzle action arcade game taking the arrow shooting genre and adding a whole lot of fun and addictive gameplay.

Set in a scrolling platform universe you control a fragile arrow shooting orb, move around using the magnets and elevators in search of the end of level finish pole. Magnetizing fun, solve simple switch combination puzzles, bounce your arrows round corners, shoot hails of arrows at the bomb dropping planes, hold and aim your arrows for trickier shots, time your shots to avoid hitting the (not so) nice birds.


Schott Pluscore Sing-Along


Music publisher, Schott Music GmbH has announced the release of Schott Pluscore Sing-Along 1.0, its new voice trainer app for Apple iPad. This unique app with adaptable accompaniments is the ideal trainer for rehearsing opera arias and other repetoire.

Pluscore Sing-Along offers sheet music that can be set to the individual needs of the singer and includes an audio version. Users may add page breaks, select a zoom factor or transpose the music to another key. The audio version allows singers to hear the piece and it provides an adaptable accompaniment.

The integrated MIDI Studio as well as the so called Virtual Conductor enables the user to adjust the accompaniment to his/her own interpretation. The singer can set the tempo and change the volume. When making use of the Virtual Conductor the singer may conduct his/her own accompaniment and use this version while practicing afterwards. Singers also have the option of listening to the voice part separately or of recording their own voice.


VSD Viewer


Nektony today is proud to announce the release and immediate availability of VSD Viewer 1.0, an application which allows users to open and view Visio diagrams on iPad and iPhone. The format of Microsoft Visio files (vsd) is a binary proprietary format developed by Microsoft. VSD Viewer supports the Visio’s native binary vsd file format enabling users preview Visio documents on their mobile devices.

VSD Viewer enables iPad and iPhone owners to discover the advantages of using Visio drawings, diagrams, charts, and illustrations in a mobile environment. By using VSD Viewer users can easily distribute Visio drawings to team members, partners, customers, or others, regardless of whether they have Microsoft Visio installed on their computers.

Viewing Visio drawings is as simple as clicking the drawing (files with a .vsd extension) on iPad or iPhone. VSD Viewer will render the drawing in the proper window. Also it enables users to: preview Visio drawings, navigate multi-page drawings, select and copy text. The VSD Viewer is ideal for users who had to just open and preview Visio diagrams as reference. VSD Viewer is especially useful for teams that need to collaborate from remote places.

Brandnew Boy: Infinity


Brandnew Boy: Infinity is free to download, and welcomes the player into the world of a boy known only as “Rookie.” Rookie suffers from amnesia, but it doesn’t take a lifetime of memories to figure out he’d better learn to defend himself as he searches for his own identity. In a world both fantastic and nightmarish, Rookie polishes his combat skills, including incredible combo moves. Martial arts mayhem is the focus in this action-RPG, and an innovative rhythm based controls system makes for unbelievable moves gorgeously illustrated in 3D, without the clutter of too many onscreen touch controls.

Brandnew Boy: Infinity includes only the game’s infinity mode; while players can accumulate currency and level, their stats are only saved for the duration of each play session. It’s a great way to get a feel for the game’s mechanics and enjoy its eclectic mix of villains, from whimsical to surreal. Brandnew Boy: Infinity also has the potential for hours and hours of replay. Of course, players who get hooked may want to turn their attention to the full version of the game, since Brandnew Boy: Infinity’s data doesn’t transfer to the full game upon download.




Innovative games company, Troll Inc. is pleased to announce Jellyflug 1.0.1, their debut gaming title for iPhone and iPad. Welcome to the Micro World of Jellyflug! Play as Grash, an undiscovered bacterium that has been abruptly taken from his home in the bathroom by a boorish household pet. An adventurous journey of micro proportions where you have to run, jump and use all your wits to survive. Help Grash make his way through the vast dangers of the human household and the more terrifying human body to return to his colony.

But, you are not alone against the dangers of the micro-world; your strain of baby bacteria will help you! Use them to battle against a multitude of enemies and overcome obstacles blocking your way. Many trials await Grash along the way; from great oceans of bleach to soapy bubbles and pits of acid. Collect items to learn more about the microscopic world and figure out enemies’ weaknesses.


eBook Search Pro


Veteran iOS eBook reader app developer Inkstone Software today is proud to announce the availability of eBook Search Pro, an enhanced version of their popular eBook Search app. eBook Search makes it possible to find over 2 million free eBooks and download them directly to the iBooks, Kindle, Nook, and Kobo apps. It does this by connecting to the free book catalogs of Feedbooks, Baen Books, Project Gutenberg, Smashwords, and the Internet Archive.

Since its release in October, more than 2.75 million free books have been downloaded through eBook Search. Now with the release of eBook Search Pro even more books are available, with the addition of the popular ManyBooks and Munseys catalogs, giving users more than 60,000 additional books. ManyBooks offers over 29,000 free books in more than 30 languages in a variety of formats including ePub, FB2, PDF, Kindle, and RTF. Munseys is known for its hard to find titles including Pulp Fiction, Religion, and a wide variety of other topics.




allAware, the free web and mobile app solution for nonprofits, is now available on the iPhone. A mobile private social network for nonprofit organizations, allAware improves communication and member involvement while also providing support for mobile donations. It was developed by Linxter, Inc.

The private social network can be accessed on the web, and through the app marketplaces on iPhone, Android, Kindle Fire, and Windows Phone. An iPad version of the app will be available late July 2012.

“People are seven times more likely to use a mobile app than to log into a website, it’s simply a matter of accessibility,” stated Jason Milgram, creator of allAware. “Mobile giving streamlines the donation process, and allows a person to donate when they feel inspired. There’s no checkbook, envelope and postage stamp to find, and no need to stop at an ATM.”

GeoDrop Lite


Independent developer, Stefan Koegler, introduces GeoDrop Lite 1.1 for iOS. GeoDrop offers a new challenge beyond the usual match-3 game mechanics with GeoDrop Lite and GeoDrop HD for iOS. Here is the new challenge: Create clusters of blocks with the same color. 2 stars inside the cluster removes the cluster. Special blocks like bombs or joker helps you to accomplish this mission. To make the game harder: After some blocks new rows of blocks appear from the bottom of the play field.

GeoDrop HD game modes:
Classic: More and more colors, bombs and joker blocks – the full program!
Hardcore: The purist mode for the constructors’ experts: constant 4 colors – No special blocks. But level rise is faster.

Lead Wars


For the first time ever since its November 2010 release, Lead Wars will go FREE for 4th July as part of indie developer DemonStudios’ INDIEpendenceDay promotion. The game offers something truly unique in the App Store with its completely original game mechanic and unlimited replay value, and has enjoyed a 4.5  star average rating from players around the world. This free promotion hopes to allow everyone who hasn’t yet experience this totally original iOS title for themselves.

Normally priced at $2.99 USD, Lead Wars has always been a paid Premium title, meaning its price gives you the entire game without any ads or hidden charged via In-App Purchase. The game is only going free for a short time, but players who pick it up now get the FULL game for free, along with all future updates. DemonStudios is committed to always keeping its apps updated to make the most out of any new iOS hardware, such as being one of the first apps out there to be updated to take full advantage of the new iPad’s Retina display.

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