DMD Panorama Opens Up API To Developers


We were very interested to read an article on TechCrunch this morning regarding one of our favorite panoramic apps, DMD Panorama. TechCrunch talked to co-founder and CEO of DMD Panorama, Elle-Gregoire Khoury about the future of panoramic photographs. ‘panoramic photos will become a commodity at the end of the day’, Khoury said. He said this because he wants to see panoramas become a standard feature in a wide range of websites and apps, in the same way that many regular photos are now, TechCrunch reported.




Khoury is trying to gather a group of app developers together to use DMD’s free API. He wants see the panoramic element incorporated into other apps, for example, postcard apps.

If you’re a developer though and would like to start testing out the API then you should email – for further details.

If you’re not familiar with DMD Panorama you can download the app here.

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