Viewfinder Pro, Viewfinder Basic, ALPA eFinder and Viewfinder Cine – Updated


Viewfinder is a simulator. It can show on your iPhone (or iPod touch or iPad) how a scene would look like using different camera / lens combinations. Motion picture folks call these kinds of devices a “director’s viewfinder” and you can see original “hardware” versions of them hanging around the neck of your favorite director (unless he or she uses Viewfinder, of course). There are various versions of this app, as you will note from the title.

Both versions of this app are good but they are expensive. If you’ve already purchased these apps, or received one of our freebies at one time or another, then these updates are free. If not the Pro version will set you back $19.99/$13.99/download, the Basic $11.99/£7.99/download, ALPA eFinder $11.99/£7.99/download and Viewfinder Cine $23.99/£16.99/download.

All updates now support iPhone 5 and iPod Touch 5th Generation. There’s also bug fixes too.


Which Edition Should You Choose?



‣ Basic – for casual shooters working with primarily 35mm photo equipment or small video cameras. Some advanced configuration options (such as creating custom cameras or GPS track logging) is missing from this edition.

‣ Pro – for professional and advanced amateur photographers. Medium and large format cameras are supported as well as all the advanced options and GPS track logging.

‣ Cine – for cinematographers. This edition is similar to Pro (in terms of advanced configuration support), but instead of medium and large format cameras you’ll find almost all motion picture cameras ever made.

‣ ALPA eFinder – designed for ALPA customers. This is essentially the same as the Pro edition. The main difference is that only ALPA cameras are supported.

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