Master-Slave Relationship – New Apple Patent For ‘Social Camera Flash’ System


AppleInsider have revealed a very interesting patent by Apple to the United States Patent and Trademark office – it describes how ‘a primary iOS device such as an iPhone, remotely controls multiple secondary devices, which can also be iPhones, as slave flashes for the first handset’s on-board camera’.

‘The idea of connecting multiple iOS devices belonging to different people, the patent application can be considered a “social camera flash” system, perhaps useful in impromptu photo shoots that require more than one source of lighting.

The patent application notes the primary device can be either a dedicated camera or a handset with image capture capabilities, while the slave units can be the same product or any other suitable device with lighting components. In some cases, the remote units can be dedicated flash components built into the primary device’s charger, charing cable or other component a user is likely to have handy’, state Read more here…




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