Perspective Correct App Now With Free iPad Support and Social Sharing


Perspective Correct (iOS $1.99) has just been updated with free iPad support, social sharing features and grid spacing controls.

According to the apps co-developer Misho Baranovic  “We’re really excited to bring Perspective Correct to the iPad at no extra cost to our users.  The app now works in native resolution on both the iPad and iPad mini.  We think that the larger screen size lends itself to accurate perspective adjustment.  A number of professional photographers have already told us they’ll now import their shots to the iPad and make perspective edits on the fly.”

The update includes new social sharing options including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. As part of the Instagram option users can easily upload non-square photos (portrait and landscape) to the app.

New grid spacing controls have also been added, providing more tools to help with the adjustment process.
With a simple swipe of the screen, Perspective Correct helps you adjust the horizontal and vertical perspective of your photograph. The app is perfect for taking photos of architecture, real estate interiors, landscapes and more.
Perspective Correct is available for download on the Apple App Store for $1.99 US.

Neccessary Ltd. is a tech start-up that was founded by Mark Hampton in 2012 in Auckland, New Zealand. They develop innovative mobile computing accessories and apps. Perspective Correct is developed by Mark Hampton and Misho Baranovic.

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