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As members and contributors to The World Photography Organisation we were delighted to read Cheryl Newman’s blog this month. Cherly is the Photography Director at Telegraph Magazine. You can read an interview with her, that’s actually quite old here from Professional Photographer magazine, another publication that I used to write for, incidently.

In this article Cheryl reviews Vanessa Winship’s latest book ‘She dances on Jackson’ – it’s a fabulous read and this paragraph fulfils me with imagery ‘Winship’s portrait make her subjects feel like beguiling strangers, whether they are the young girl with carrier bags in a barren vacant lot wearing a single string of beads, teenage love birds joined with tightly clasped hands or a shirtless heavily built man with a spider tattoo standing by a silvery pool. A lack of any caption details keeping us even more at arms length from their personal life stories’.

To read the article in full, head over to the WPO site here.



Untitled Photo: © Vanessa Winship 2013/ MACK

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