iOS Photography App – Image Blender – Updated – ‘Major Rewrite’


One of the most popular image editing apps for iOS photography has recently been updated. The developer Johan Andersson describes this update as a ‘major rewrite and just tries to do the same things as it did before in a better way’. Essentially Image Blender has been updated for iOS 7, there’s also 64-bit support, it’s faster and more stable with better quality. There’s the addition of the option to save as PNG for better image quality. Adonit Jot Touch support has been added too. There will also be some great updates coming through in the Spring.

We currently have some tutorials being planned out for this update, so check back for that.

The developer has dropped the price of Image Blender by 33% to celebrate this update. Currently you can purchase it for $1.99/£1.49 instead of the more usual $2.99/£1.99. Click here to download/update.


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