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One area we have been thinking about adding to theappwhisperer.com for some time is reviewing and highlighting iPad Photography magazines. I don’t mean photo app review style magazines, I’m talking more about sophisticated state of the art digital photography magazines.

There are many photography and art iPad magazines available but few that meet the criteria that we’re striving to cover here.

Letter to Jane is the first one that we would like to acknowledge in this new series, as one reviewer put it ‘Letter to Jane is by turns surprising, delightful, sensual, engaging, and very smart. It creates a whole new magazine format, one totally unrelated to anything having to do with “print”. This to me is the key, I am a former print Journalist, writing for magazines and national newspapers was my full time job for many years and became second nature. With the advent of the last recession, so many print magazines folded (pardon the pun) and that gave me a clear path to create theappwhisperer.com.

Enough about me, what I want to express here is that the creation of a truly awesome iPad magazine is a lot harder than many realise. We are going to highlight the ones that fully engage the reader and do not feel like static print replicas.

Letter to Jane was created by Tim Moore, who works as a creative director at 29th Street Publishing. Tim has been creating a wide array of commercial magazine apps for 29th Street, and his experience overflows within the latest Letter to Jane issue.

The ‘Shadows’ issue is so sublime and elegantly designed. I love the clean and simple interface and it’s incredible easy to navigate. The magazine does not follow the traditional ‘rules’ of magazine design, rather there are three specific sections and ‘hidden’ within each, additional multi-media features that will delight. Tim Moore interviews photographers and showcases their work in such a way that any who are featured will take absolute satisfaction from and any who read will feel such warmth. It is totally charming, charismatic, persuasive and alluring – it’s all of these things and more.

The latest magazine title ‘Shadows’ is a reference to the dour monochrome movie Shadows, 1959 by John Cassavetes. The images within it though are vibrant and colourful. Cassavetes work bears a huge creative influence on Tim Moore and that’s such a good thing, for all of us.

I cannot recommend this magazine more highly, I think many of you will be truly delighted to discover it, if you haven’t already.

You can download it here. The latest issue retails for $3.99/£2.49



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