Mobile Camera Club – Opening of the first 3.0 gallery Paris, March 6 2014


We are very excited to bring you news that the Mobile Camera Club gallery will host the second edition of Mobile Photo Paris from March 6 to March 29 2014.

One exhibition, two openings:

Thursday, March 6 2014 from 6 PM

Sunday, March 16 from 3 PM

Located in the 9th arrondissement of Paris, Mobile Camera Club will exhibit mobile photography in all its forms. The name of the gallery is a tribute to camera clubs and photographic societies, which were the real “test kitchens” of the early photographic years. It is also a reference to Alfred Stieglitz, a photographer and gallery-owner born 150 years ago, who was a real talent scout, a forward-thinking artist, and a staunch defender of photography as a fine art in its own right.

At the Mobile Camera Club, you will find art prints for sale, either mounted or framed, or not. The gallery will also provide lectures and workshops to help you use your smartphone as an effective camera, and make the best use of photography apps. It aims to become a reference spot for mobile arts.

Mobile Photo Paris is an event that brings together photographers, professional or amateur, whose styles and approaches are different but who share the same tool, their phone, which they find high-tech, fun, and innovative. From 21 to 25 November 2012, the first exhibition at the Bastille Design Center showcased over one hundred works produced only with smartphones. Mobile Photo Paris celebrates its 2nd edition at the new gallery Mobile Camera Club.

The 11 exhibiting artists

Nadine Benichou, Catriona Donagh, Stéphanie Dupont, Philippe Durand Gerzaguet, Cécile Edelist, Nettie Edwards, Lénaïc Entremont, Yann Lebecque, Amy Leibrand, Jean-Christophe Polgár, Gilles Saulnier.

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