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StreetVIEW – 24HourProject Interview with Kattia Basile by Laura Peischl

This is the ninth of ten interviews that Laura has completed with photographers involved with the incredible 24HourProject, please see her introduction article here. We have put each interview into a separate article so that it’s easier for you to navigate, they can all be found under Laura’s Column StreetVIEW here.

This one is with Kattia Basile



Image – ©Kattia Basile


What is your name, both real and Instagram?

Kattia Basile, aka @kattiab

Was this the first time you participated in this exciting 24 hour project, or have you taken part in previous years as well?

I participated the 3 editions, and this year I was invited by Renzo Grande @aliveinnyc.. He knows since I read about it, I fall in love with this awesome project..

2012 :

2013 :

2014 :

What city where you able to document?

I was born in SPaulo, Brazil and l live here.. Huge cosmopolitan city with people from all world..

What inspired you, or drove you to take part in this project, i mean walking around 24 hours is not for the faint hearted!

First of all, my hobby is street photography, but I’m not a pedestrian, I have my car and I drive for everything, to everywhere and when I wanna photograph I need to plan it..
Second, and very important, I have some dear great good and fun friends, one of them, @roseletejada was with me in this 3 editions..


There is a neighborhood that we like to go to dance and I love there to walk around to shoot. We started from there, in Baixo Augusta, in the first and second editions, full of cool people on the streets and bars and nightclubs.. Good excuse to shoot..

Did you plan where to go or did you have an idea what you wanted to document, or did you just let fate decide as you wandered through the streets?

At the first time I read about The 24hour Project, I’ve immediately planned the tour, cause time to time we use to walk all night in Baixo Augusta till morning, and we always finish in a bakery that is open all night, talk a little bit more, rest a little and go home..

To the project I planned the same, but after bakery, my friends went to their homes and I did different tours that I tried to meet people that were involved in the Project. The first year I met @fabsgrassi at Paulista ave..


Image – ©Kattia Basile


What was the biggest challenge you  faced during the 24 hours?

For sure, tiredness.. And the battery of iPhone, how bad it is, and it’s a excuse to go to a place to sit down, rest and recharge.. Sometimes a lunch with a friend, others in a coffee shop.. Caffeine is my best friend during this project..

Do you feel like the time pressure was beneficial to your creativity, or did it just make you nervous and diminish the quality of your images slightly?

In this project I’m in state of flow, without thinking about what is good or wrong, and enjoying just what I was doing timelessly.. The essence to have fun..

Did you develop a work flow for every hour in order to manage uploading your next image in time?

Yes, I posted in the place a shot, cause the battery I can’t spend time choosing or editing a lot, unfortunately..

Be honest, did you by any chance cheat a little by processing a few pictures in advance in order to rest a bit?

I don’t need to do that, cause I need to rest and charge and I posted pics from these place,  I think I posted one pic, in the first edition, from a friends’ house that invited me to lunch, and rest.. She thought I’m crazy when I talked about 24h..

Did you follow the IG feed of other excellent photographers taking part in the competition? You know, to check on your “competition”!

Again, no battery for that, and I haven’t seen the album of this year yet, only some pics from friends on my feed, but I will..


Image – ©Kattia Basile


What was your secret to staying up so long? Energy drinks? Coffees? Pure determination? Fruit smoothies perhaps?

Coffee, coffee, coffee, no energy drink (I’m against it), cool friends, good talk, lots of laugh.. This year I woke up at 6am on Friday, couldn’t rest at night and I was in a @jmacruz party at 3am on Sunday.. Just fun !!!


Would you take part in this again next year?

I think I’ll  stay at home on the bed and to travel around the world thru all those thousand of amazing pics from crazy people..

London by Ming

Madri by Luis

Milan by Giulio


Was it a point when you considered giving up and going home? Did you walk the whole 24 hours?

Last year I was so tired at noon that I stopped at home about two hours to recharge batteries, mine and phone’s.. I don’t think it is like giving up, it’s not a competition as you asked me.. This year I had a party and again I went home for shower and make-up, I couldn’t rest cause I was thinking to meet @rodrigobw, that I don’t know in person, but I need to go to the airport to leave   @roseletejada that was traveling to north of Brazil..


If you had to choose, what would be your 3 favorite imaged from that long day?

From the cat rescue..


What were some thoughts that ran through your mind when you were finally able to crash into bed?

At 4am ?! That I’m a tough, happy, crazy woman.. That I did my best.. But immediately slept cause at 7am I woke up to jump with a parachute..


Laura Peischl (iSnob) was born in Romania, later she moved to Vienna, Austria where she studied German Studies and Psychology at the University of Vienna and has been based in Malta since 2004. Laura has been featured in various leading mobile photography websites and magazines. Her works have been displayed in numerous solo and/or collective exhibitions around the world. Her images have been mainly displayed in the United States including the OCCCA (Orange County Centre of Contemporary Art, The Lunch BOX Gallery in Miami, The Giorgi Gallery in Berkeley, California, Studio b in Florida, Philadelphia, Colorado as well as in LA Mobile Arts Festival 2012. Laura has also been teaching online iPhoneography courses at for sometime now.