ArtRage 4 Painting Software Now 50% Off For A Limited Time


Ambient Design, the award-winning creator of realistic art painting software for Mac, Windows, iPad, and iPhone, announced today that the popular ArtRage 4 paint software for Mac and Windows is now available at 50% off for $24.90 (originally $49.90) from now until July 1st at  Eligible upgrade discounts for ArtRage 2.x and ArtRage 3.x to ArtRage 4 will also be 50% off during the sale. Check eligibility at:


ArtRage 4 Optimized for Touch Screens


ArtRage 4 offers unique touch-friendly workflow advantages optimized for pen tablet users.  The art creation app takes full advantage of Windows 8 multi-touch tablets, laptops, and desktops.  ArtRage 4 not only allows rotation, scale, and movement of the canvas with two fingers, but it can even utilize simple multi-touch gestures with layers, selections, rulers, stencils, stickers and reference images.  Whether using a pen, brush, drawing tablet, mouse or even a finger, ArtRage provides the experience of actually “painting” digitally on a computer canvas with oil paints that smear and blend, and watercolors that flow together to create soft, wet gradations, just as they would in a traditional art studio.


ArtRage 4.5 with 64-bit Support to be Released in the Summer – Free Upgrade for ArtRage 4 Users



ArtRage 4.5 will be released this summer, featuring a 64-bit engine for speed improvements, larger projects and canvases, and additional features listed below.  ArtRage 4.5 will be a free upgrade for all registered users of ArtRage 4 (upgrade discounts also apply for eligible users of previous versions).

ArtRage 4.5 New Features:
•64-Bit Support: ArtRage 4.5 supports 64-bit processors on Windows and OS X, which means you can work on significantly larger file sizes and at much faster speeds.

•Grids: Highly customizable grid overlays are available to help you map out your paintings and designs in pixels or proportions. You can choose between a non-interactive guide or have your lines “Snap To Grid.” T Grids to References will be also added to allow for grid comparisons between reference material and your canvas.

•Live Pencil Tilt: The Pencil Tool now supports Tilt as you paint (with compatible styluses).

Other ArtRage 4.5 Improvements


ArtRage 4.5 also has a few smaller tweaks, updates, and bug fixes, including an improved Font Picker; the ability to rearrange Toolbox objects, move and duplicate resources between categories; OS X Multitouch improvements, faster undo actions, and Global Samples that are saved separately from your Preferences.

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