PhotoFusion – Miranda Gavin “Discovering your Competitive Side”


If you’re around in Brixton, London tonight and you’re a member of PhotoFusion, don’t miss Miranda Gavin’s talk discussing Photography Competitions. Not only is a Miranda a good friend of mine but she’s also editor-at-large of Hotshoe photography magazine, editor of Frame and Reference – online visual arts in South East England, and co-founder of Tri-pod, a creative initiative supporting lens-based artists with personal projects in process.

Miranda will lead an informal discussion covering the benefits of entering work into competitions, things to look out for when entering and how best to present your work for submission.

Miranda will also touch on promoting yourself in an age of media convergence and ways to support your practice such as through artist residencies, bursaries, and crowdfunding.

Booking required: +44 (0) 20 7738 5774 – or email



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