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Mobile Movies Showcase – Week 44 – by Donna Donato

Welcome back to the forty-fourth article in the column, Mobile Movies. We at TheAppWhisperer have been inspired by the Flickr upgrade of 1 Terabyte of storage for everyone and have wanted to launch a mobile movie section for some time. Now seems to be perfect, the new Flickr upgrade will allow for a full three minutes of 1080p HD quality video per single film and you can have as many as you have storage space for. Each week I (you can find me on Flickr here) will curate the movie uploads to our new Flickr group MobileMoviesTheAppWhisperer – I will view all the videos uploaded and comment on the ones selected.

”The internet has created other crossroads for films and videos. Mobile devices have democratized not only photography but also video-making. The availability of apps that give digital video the appearance of analogy film, such as grainy black and white super-8, is exciting and important. Now anyone with the desire can make a home movie or ‘film’ and upload it to the web. It is interesting to see what stories and messages people are creating and disseminating.’

All of the entries were either shot or created on mobile devices.

Here is TheAppWhisperer’s video showcase for November 15, 2014. We would like to thank this week’s contributors: Vanessa Vox, Ikebana Jen_Jennifer A Thomas, Andrew B. White, Piel_Piel adentro, Margherita…_Margherita_Maniscalco, Armineh Hovanesian and dietergaebel1_Dieter Gaebel for their submissions. Take a look at these latest gems; you’ll be glad you did. Please share our Column with your family and friends, encouraging them to create and submit their mobile videos. We are seeking all platforms, Windows, Android, iOS… Joanne Carter and I will also be scouring the web in search of mobiles movies to present to our readers.

‘November the 3rd, 2014 (Orange flower)’ – Vanessa Vox

Flickr link

While watching this piece was reminded that we are often exhorted to look through the eyes of the other to find understanding. The use of the eye is an interesting device and the score accentuates the sense of wonder as the young man gently examines the flower.


‘Dreaming Drifting’ – Ikebana Jen_Jennifer A Thomas

Flickr link

This sepia colored piece brought to mind those moments when we’re going about our day and something prompts us to remember a dream fragment. The scratchy, cinematic music and visual elements were soothing and slightly disconcerting at the same time. I loved it.

’Bubble‘  – Andrew B. White

Flickr link

“Wow”, was my initial response when I viewed this video. The bubble ‘thrower’ is masterful and the use of slo-mo enhanced the results of his skill.

‘Sobrevivir o no …’ – Piel_Piel adentro

Flickr link

For me this piece with its images, repetitive, string music and title cards is visual poetry. I did a Google translation of the text and essentially it is about loss of innocence, the habitual pain that creeps into our lives, scarring us and the light that can arrive after a crisis has ended.

‘Margherita_Maniscalco_002_Vita_Piccola’ –Margherita…_Margherita_Maniscalco

Flickr link

Mesmerizing was the word that came to mind as I watched this video. Not sure I would allow this little creature to crawl along my arm leaving its wet trail, but… Smiled as I listened to ‘The Little Sparrow’s’ voice in the background.

‘Love is…’ – Armineh Hovanesian

Flickr link

Often find Armineh’s titles so poignant and on point that no descriptions of the videos are really necessary.  I was moved watching this quick glimpse of tenderness and love.

‘ZZZ‘ – dietergaebel1_Dieter Gaebel

Flickr link

Using three Zs together can sometimes signify sleep but there was nothing sleepy about this Matter video. I liked watching the moving disks in the rather desolate landscape and listening to the sounds of happy children and the upbeat music.

Donna is an image-maker, historian by training and a film/video editor by vocation. From a very early age she was smitten with images of all kinds. Donna absolutely loves film and filmmaking. Currently she lives in Paris, a city that has had a long and passionate love affair with ‘the movies’ and is one of the crossroads for world cinema.