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I’m delighted to publish this article on behalf of my friends at the BBC World Service about an incredible mobile photographer called Cillin aka @homelessceo.  He visited London a few weeks ago and together they made a 2’00 montage of his voice and his images and have just put this out on the BBC World Service YouTube channel (see below).

Born 30-something years ago in the UK to an Irish mother and a Sri Lankan father, Cillín (pronounced Killeen) is an Australian entrepreneur and Harvard University dropout who spent ten years in Europe (Germany & Switzerland) before moving to his current place of residence in the UAE.

Cillín currently splits his time between a number of bases, including Australia, Hungary, Italy, Sri Lanka, Switzerland and the UAE – which is easier than may seem with 4 nationalities, 3 passports, and 3 companies to run.

Travelling hundreds of thousands of miles every year on business, Cillin known as the “Homeless CEO” spends most of his life on aeroplanes, at airports or in hotels. He takes beautiful, sometimes haunting unfiltered Instagrams on his mobile device and has amassed a dedicated following.

Cillin Perera, Instagrams as the “Homeless CEO”


‘Tue 20.01.2015 Budapest, Hungary: Nightshift at the Circus’ – ©homelessceo

‘Mon 05.01.2015 Weil am Rhein, Germany: Swoosh’ ©homelessceo

‘Fri 19.12.2014 near Möhlin, Switzerland: Recharge’ – ©homelessceo

BBW World Service YouTube Video

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