Pic of the Day (5) – Instagram – TheAppWhisperer


Here’s day five of our brand new Pick of the Day section via Instagram.  Each day we will be selecting one image a day for our Pick of the Day section on Instagram with the #theappwhisperer.

Furthermore, each month we will also offer an overall prize to the image that receives the most love.  On day 1 we congratulated @endtimewatcher for their fascinating portrait, day 2 consisted of an incredibly atmospheric shot by @the_real_mccoy -‘Colonial Dance’, day 3 we enjoyed a stunning street shot by @ilein, ‘Emotional Weather Report’, day 4 we congratulated @lorenka with her incredible mobile artistry image ‘bring me your alibis’ and today we are very pleased to welcome @jackvanheugten as our Pick of the Day with his image ‘three almost glasses of wine, at a table, in a bar’.


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