Joanne Carter – TheAppWhisperer Speaks at The Photography Show 2015 – Day 2 – Seminar 3 (Part 4 of 5) Painterly Demonstration by Vivi Hanson Sacerdote


I hope you’ve been following The Photography Show articles I have been posting, if not, please go here. We presented incredible material and the audience were totally capitvated. In our third seminar we included mobile art and photography tutorials, created by some of our Columnists.  In this post I will recreate the screens of the Painterly Demonstration by Vivi, that she presented to the audience on 24th March 2015. This is the fourth of four tutorials and demonstrations that we presented in Seminar 3 and we followed these with our incredible Flickr Group Showcase of curated images from our specially set up Flickr Group for the show, where we asked for new and unique images, we’ll be posting this once we have published all of the tutorials.

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