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StreetWise – 24 Hour Street Project – The Interviews by Sheldon Serkin

We are so delighted to publish this fabulous article and series of nine interviews by Sheldon Serkin to our brand new mobile street photography Column StreetWise here at TheAppWhisperer. This differs from our very popular StreetsAhead Column in as much as that is a Women’s only Collective. StreetWise is open to all and we’re excited to publish more details of that very soon.

(Last year Laura Peischl covered the #24HourProject within her Column, go here to view)

Serkin took part in the third #24HourProject and this year its popularity has really taken off. Not only did Serkin take part but he also contacted a group of photographers who also took part from all around the world and interviewed them. It’s a phenomenal article, we have separated the interviews out into individual posts for ease of reading, you’re going to love this! In this introduction we have also published below three of Serkin’s fabulous images from this project. Over to you…(foreword by Joanne Carter).

“On March 21st, I set out to walk the streets of my city and shoot for 24 hours straight along with many other (mostly) mobile street photographers around the world as part of the 4th Annual 24 Hour Project.

The brainstorm of Sam Smotherman (@whittiersam) and Renzo Grande (@aliveinny), the 24 Hour Project is a worldwide street photography and social media event. Participants are asked to shoot for 24 hours and post a photo each hour on instagram and other social media platforms. The result is an international real-time kaleidoscope of street images throughout the day, a stirring document of the global “human condition”. During the 364 days between editions, Renzo and Sam coordinate exhibits, workshops and panels to spread the word and share the awesome work that results. This year, Renzo and Sam are working on a photobook, speaking with galleries to showcase last year’s edition and working on the development of an app to enhance the experience for future participants.

The project started small  65 photographers in its first year  and has grown over the course of three years to over 2000 participants. I’ve participated since the beginning, and each year I find the sense of interconnectedness between myself and the other participants to be one of the factors that keep me coming back for more. To that end, I’ve asked 9 of this year’s participants to share with us their experiences and favorite photos from this year’s edition. Thanks for reading! “

To read and view each interview, please follow these links:

Abdullah Almalki

Aik Beng Chia

Can Gurasian

Claudine Moitie

Fabs Grassi

Grace Brignolle

Mehdi Faziollahi

Natalie Davison

Valentina Martirado

Image – ©Sheldon Serkin

Image – ©Sheldon Serkin

Image – ©Sheldon Serkin

Sheldon has been shooting street photography in New York City with an iPhone since 2010. His work has been featured on a number of popular websites, including He is currently preparing Awful Bliss, his first book of street photographs, and posts daily on instagram, eyeem, and flickr as @shelserkin, and on his blog,