Mobile Camera Lens Manufacturer – Moment – Launches New Macro Lens


Moment are becoming a very popular lens manufacturer for mobile photography. Last year they released two mobile lenses, an 18 mm wide-angle and also a 70 mm telephoto. At the beginning of this year Moment started production of their new ‘Moment Case’ for the iPhone 6. It includes lens mount, shutter button and ‘smart’ camera strap and is available to order here.

The latest news from the Moment camp is a brand new Macro lens. It features a 10x magnification at a 25 mm focal distance. It also comes complete with a custom diffuser hood, to reduce shadows and maximise ambient light.

The new Macro lens from Moment will be available in August 2015 and will retail for the same price as the other lenses in the range $99.99/£79.99.  Click here to find out more.

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