My Latest Vogue Column Feature Article Published with Photographer Justine Tjallinks


Oh yes! I love Justine Tjallinks’ photography and I am so proud that my interview with her has just been published to Vogue. My column at Vogue looks at the philosophy of the photographer as well as their incredible portfolios.

Please do take a look at Tjallinks work and of course, read my interview: ”Tjallinks art is about openness, communication and it is about consciousness, specifically raising it, with delicacy, skill and intuition. She upturns the industry’s fickleness and by extension of herself, uses the camera as a humanitarian aid, so we can all bathe and breathe in the gloriousness that she creates” Interview by Joanne Carter

Read the whole article here:…/2…/02/22/justine-tjallinks-intervista/

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