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Mobile Photography / Art – The Pocket Laboratory Manifesto with Roger Guetta and Bonobo Stone

I am very excited to reveal a new column here at TheAppWhisperer entitled ‘The Pocket Laboratory Manifesto’ this will be edited by two highly accomplished mobile photographers/artists, Roger Guetta and Bonobo Stone.

In their own words they explain:

We both live in Montreal but only sometimes bump into each other at a coffee joint we both frequent.

It took a distance of 2,500 miles for us to collaborate on this document.

The pocket laboratory manifesto is an absurdist’s interpretation of digital art contrived by us both and inspired by a text chat on Facebook that was both irrational and profound, this tiny manifesto is a digital artist call to arms. And by call to arms we mean picking up an iPhone  and waging war against artist myopia with a creative goal of freeing ourselves from the mundane limitations that corporate Art state art deem as culture.

Long live Dada!

We are not Dadaists

or are we….hahahahaha!


All photos in this post ©Bonobo Stone & Roger Guetta

Child’s play… Yes… that’s what we do.

Drum roll… do do wap.

App*Garden means nothing.

App*Garden is child’s play.

App*Garden means nothing.

App*Garden means nothing.

Maybe a new alt.manifesto is in order?  Hard core and vibrant and stark raving mad…. out of the realsz!>’realsz’… we add the ‘s’ to be ultra hip and also by spelling it correctly and adding a ‘z’ – it highlights the duality of the unreal in our art brains and the reality of the everyday…  A digital*realist manifesto.

App*Garden is child’s play!

Oy Vey! Here to stay!

The overall thrust of this campaign is to  sabotage reality…….

yes to remove the veil, only to reveal another curtain.

We sabotage from within and without ….

I sabotage myself constantly

and then rise from the ashes

I then spit on the ashes

destruction and creation


To spew unknown truths through art…

App*Garden means nothing

The App*Garden is child’s play

I can’t remember my dreams because the difference between waking and sleeping is no longer distinguishable. In our world, dreams are destructive and oddly serene and spiritual. The burning  bush ignites and the chakras catch fire. It’s the evil eye reinventing itself. Freedom and enlightenment.

Dreams are mundane extensions of our unresolved day-to-day activities. People glorify them but we shun them. That’s what makes us different from the original surrealists. They were inspired by dreams. App*Garden means nothing. Louis Brunelle is an inspiration partly because I have lobster hands that sometimes  makes me clumsy.

… and I shit where I eat – In style! Think Quiet Days in Vichy! These are the luxuries of the iconoclast. Such is the discrete charm of the bourgeoisie, conspiring for more. It’s the age old battle between  Dionysus and Apollo: the madness of math verses myth

influenced by merriment!

and music

and the ecstasy of the experiential !!

Someone HAS to play a lute!! … or at the very least, lute a play

as we bounce and shake our way through the Elysium mysteries and sacred mushroom mead. Across the fields of Ambrosia, crossing the river at Gibraltar, welcome to the worm hole and inter-dimensional travel.

Dada is child’s play

The Deliberate engagement drives the new alt*creativity… so sue us!!! ideal, ideal, ideal,

knowledge, knowledge, knowledge,

boomboom, boomboom, boomboom…

Ha ha. The  Surdigitalrealist maniphonefesto: a short and beautiful manifesto that is pro art and anti regressive neo- drivel. It will be a marriage between the digital and our fire in the belly desire to create.–>

The Psychedelic abolition of memory! Abolition of archaeology! Abolition of prophets!

The ultimate Dionysian ceremony. The honeymoon  occurring in the sacred chambers of our iPhones and iPads where psyche and art converge in a mushrooming romp.  At war against the mundane and dreams of sleepers, digital artists aspire to live fully conscious within a dream. In a world filled with pablum foodies, we raise the bar to  Chateaubriand steaks and bubooshka caviar! Perfect irony!

Digital art is the gun. The iPhone pulls the trigger.

…. and we are the new ‘slingers’

in town.

digital art is the gun aimed at the despotism of the 21st century, the iPhone pulls the trigger freeing us from despotism and the tyranny of the mundane… liberating us from the art of the past.

App*Garden means nothing.


App*Garden is child’s play.


App*Garden means nothing.

Everyone freaking and sneaking and peaking and snapping and blending and cloning…

Exactly and exactomundo and excellentsz. I love : the tyranny of the mundane.

outlandish manifestos are by nature funny and political

Yes!!! How’s this as a subtitle: The New Guns vs The Tyranny Of The Mundane.

I like it, shoot first, alter image later!

dada = nada – App*Garden + dada = nada

The  better known nadaism: Slingers Inc.Diving into the darkness and emerging into a digital light!

App*Garden means nothing.

Phone slingers with one good eye and a penchant for modification… garden*ers of the art world commiserate and collide. Down with misappropriation, down with corporate art! Step up!

App*Garden is child’s play.

We take no prisoners…  We can call ourselves: The Savage Messiahs Of Art. Our school of art will be known as The Messionic Temple Of Mount Royale. Long live the king of comedy!

Bring your shooter and be ready to learn the dark arts of ‘Noir’ …. the refreshing lessons of Snapseeding.

Only darkness has the power to grasp the mysteries of a BlurredFX existence.

Sign our Manifesto and become holier than thou! Don’t be DistressedFX for we have the Formula to RePix your ass! Love  that Repix. Very cool Lets get the peeps acquainted with your schtick. It’s a parade of the dead!  They march outside my window, a zombie dance of men and women with lifeless eyes who sleepwalk their way  through their days yearning  for the comfort of soft feathery dreams.

They are hypnotised sheep, bullied by the corporate wolves who threaten to devour them.

Cowering in fear, they blindly adhere to the limitations imposed upon them instead of  embracing  the myriad of possibilities that promise to free them from the money monsters who steal their spirit. The old art is a virus, propaganda of the corporate germ determined to infect the world with greed and  apathy.

Down with Vincent Van Gogh, we spit. We deliberately misconstrue the works of Andy Warhol. Damien Hirst is a fascist Hirstist, Larry Rivers sold his soul. The new art is a  twenty megaton bomb that promises to explode into the world and clean away the vampire culture that has sunk its teeth into our necks and continues to bleed us dry. The old art is the stale fart of a TRUMPed up capitalist system.

The new art is the seed that emerges out  of the manure that the corporate clowns cultivate and fart out of their wallets. It’s not culture! It’s nothing more than greed wrapped in stylish clothes.

Although I agree with the introductory writer about greed and apathy, I hold another position on the effectiveness of soft feathery dreams.

7% of humancommunication are words. 38% is tonality and 55% is physiology or body language. Therefore if you want to change the world ….. give up …. it’s futile. Keep dreaming about feathers and learn a trade.

Now art has a power to make us all take action. If you make the art, you activate a seed. If you receive the art, you can choose to nurture that seed and act out. Act out against the fucking machine. Act out against systems and the mundaneness of inaction.

It took me 7 years to learn to walk and another 3 years to graduate from pablum… but hey… look  at me now. Enough about me.

Be a slinger. Fast draw to get the image…. park your butt down and edit the shit. Now, you’re talkin’!

App*Garden means nothing

App*Garden is child’s play

App*Garden means nothing.

Nada + da da = App*Garden!

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Bonobo Stone is a Montreal visual artist and writer who pens obituaries for Canada's national newspaper, the Globe and Mail. As a young man Stone dreamed of becoming The great north's Dante Gabriel Rossetti. Now he is just happy to be the inspired and joyful Bonobo he was born to become. Roger’s work was featured at the LA Mobile Art Festival 2012 held at the Santa Monica Art Studios, where he presented both framed pieces and an installation. Roger’s work has also been exhibited at the Giorgi Gallery in Berkeley, CA; First Annual iPhoneography Miami Exhibition at Artspace, Gallery Miami, Large Format Show at Los Angeles Center For Digital Art 2012. Roger was included on iPhoneogenic’s list of the 50 Top Mobile Photographers/Artists of 2011 and has been featured in P1xels, The App Whisperer, Lys Foto Magazine and many other popular mobile photography websites. He has also had one-man shows both in Montreal and Toronto and will be showing soon at The Garden Gate Center in Berkeley, California as part of The Third Wave Show. He is currently a professor of communications in Montreal.