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Sponsored Post – Red Hat RHCSA EX200: How to Get Familiar with Linux Environment

EX200 exam is intended for RHCSA certification. Every candidate must pass EX200 exam in order to be RHCSA certified. Since EX200 is the official gateway that the candidates should use, it has the objectives that have to be met. The exam is set to target IT professionals who have been working as system administrators in a Unix environment. They should be able to operate with the Linux mighty terminal when performing various administrative tasks. Some concepts that they must familiarize with are:

  • Linux command line
  • Text files and vi editors
  • Foreground and background processes
  • Data archiving
  • SSH services
  • Update, upgrade, and dist-upgrade system services
  • Virtualized system management.

The above topics need to be understood before doing the complete EX200 exam which has the following overview:

  • 55-65 questions of multiple choice.
  • The time taken by individual candidate stretches to 90 minutes.

However, passing such exam is not easy and needs efficient preparation to be put in place. I had encountered with this exam and make an excellent pass during my first trial using the following mighty techniques:

1.Install Linux

The foremost technique is to install Linux virtually or totally in your computer. The Linux commands work perfectly in a Linux environment because all the commands interact with Linux libraries. It is not necessary to use it as your main operating system because getting familiar with Linux is quite a hard task, you can dual boot your computer to use Windows and Linux until you get used to. After having your machine to run on Linux OS, performing all tasks required by EX200 exam will be simplified. Besides, this is the best option to avoid the strenuous installation of the puTTY app to run the SSH commands on Windows platform. The installation of Linux always grants its users full access to the Linux Server. Additionally, Linux is an open source system implying that you do not need to pay to get full access to their Server unlike other OS as Windows family. Get along and install it for your excellent performance.

2.Run the Linux Commands

After successful installation, the time to start preparing for EX200 exam has just started and you need to take every concept into consideration. Linux allows commands such as Shell, Perl, and Wildcards. It is critical to always run this commands during your learning instead of reading them. EX200 exam will need you to write scripts that give certain outputs without using the Linux terminal. It is easy for the candidate who has been practicing. Perhaps, inappropriately typed commands usually give an unexpected output that cannot be considered as an answer. The scripts should always give the intended output. The only way to perfect your Linux skills is running every command and discovering the relationships between them. Furthermore, have the same output using different commands to enhance your understanding.

3.Understand the vi editors

The main objective of EX200 exam is to ensure that you are able to interact with the Linux terminal efficiently. If you need to open a word document, for instance, you do not need to go to the root directory but use the Linux terminal. The vi editors are like the Microsoft word that enables you to type anything that you need. However, Linux provides an exclusive way of opening them with the use of commands like vim. Once you have the understanding of these editors, you can tackle the questions that are related to vi. Do not skip this concept thinking you can open directly as other application because the exam questions will need a step by step opening procedure using the terminal. Learn every command that is designed to facilitate the understanding and control of editing in Linux.

4.Use the Best Training Resources

In order to acquire the knowledge required to tackle EX200 exam, you should undergo a training from the recommended sites meant for the certification of RHCSA. There are several sources that are designed to facilitate the training of EX200.

Study Here: https://www.examcollection.com/EX200.html

As a successful candidate and RHCSA certified, I always recommend my clients to look for the video training materials on Udemy, to find updated dumps on ExamCollection, Exam-Labs or PrepAway websites. The training offered on this sites enhance your ability to understand the concepts with ease since the instructors are highly qualified to provide only the best for the candidates. Furthermore, their training is video-based meaning that the implementation of every concept is demonstrated from the introduction until the intended output is realized.

5.Use Premium Files for Revision

After completing the training, the next task is to confirm whether you have what the examiners target or you need to go back to train perfectly. Traditionally, the way to revise is to have all sorts of questions and go through each one till the end. However, this a practice of the past and we need to emulate the changes that the present technology-driven world has already adopted. There is the latest software called the VCE exam simulator which works handily with VCE files. The fact about it is that you will be able to practice on a specific topic within a specific time and receive the correct scoresheet. This sounds more digital and beneficial to the candidates since the revision process will never be tiresome and unproductive again. VCE files are test exam materials intended for revision.


EX200 needs a relaxed mind, especially when doing it. It is not advisable to read till the day you are about to do an exam. The last moment is for building your confidence. The exam is not only passed by having all the concepts at your fingertips but also having the courage to face it critically.


Having all the above points noted, passing EX200 exam is simplified. The only thing that can make a candidate to fail is when he/she does not put into practice the techniques provided. It is time to be RHCSA certified using the most beneficial and easy to implement techniques.

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