How to Guide: Taking Photos of Your Pets


Pets are important family members. With unconditional love and unquestioning devotion, it’s no wonder that we cherish our furry friends and hold them so close to our hearts. Photos of pets can be used to create lasting memories to carry with us after they are gone.

Technology has come a long way and made it easier for pet parents to capture both candid and posed shots of their animals. Whether you’re taking a photo to post on your dog’s Instagram or using it to create a custom painted portrait like this one from Instapainting, quality matters. Here’s how to take great photos of your pets.

Use Natural Light

Using natural light is the secret to any great photo, whether it’s of your favorite human or your canine companion. Interior lights often cast harsh shadows or hues that aren’t complimentary to anyone. Additionally, the light can be inadequate and degrade the quality of the finished product; this isn’t ideal if you’re hoping to have your image expanded and framed.

While natural light is preferable, really sunny days can make for challenging photos. Either opt to take your images on a cloudy day or diffuse white light for the best possible shot of your pet.

Capture Their Personality

Every pet has their own unique personality that we come to know and love. When taking a photo, try to convey that personality through your image. If you have an active, outdoor-loving chocolate lab, try to get some action shots of him doing what he loves. If you have a sassy cat who rules the roost, aim for a photo that shows her at her snootiest.

Many people choose to dress their pets up and do a glamour style shoot. Be sure to keep your pet’s comfort in mind and give them time to get used to any accessories you’re considering.

Patience is Prime

Chances are, your pet isn’t going to be entirely cooperative and may challenge your creative vision. However, it’s important to remember that this likely isn’t something that your pet is used to, and they can get uncomfortable when they detect your stress. It’s important to be patient and to understand that getting the perfect shot might be a long process.

Get on your pet’s level and spend some time with them. Offer comforting words, loving touches, and a few treats, snapping photos when it makes sense to do so.

Use a Tripod

Whether you use a camera or an iPhone, stability will make a big difference in the quality of your photo. It may even help you get a shot that you wouldn’t be able to otherwise. Use a small tripod with a remote so that you can help get your pet situated and snap reactive photos.

If there’s a spot your pet loves to visit that you want to capture, leave the tripod there for a few days until they get used to it in their environment.

Adjust Your Settings

Take some time to learn about the settings on your device and take a manual approach to your photography. For example, adjusting the shutter speed can help you get high-quality photos in lower light or capture action shots without worrying about a blurry effect. Taking practice shots and researching photography basics on your device will be fun, informative, and result in better pet photography.

Reward Them

If you’re planning on making your pet a model for your photography passion, make sure they’re paid handsomely. Reward them for their cooperation with treats or a new toy. If you start to get stressed out, take a break and give yourselves some time to unwind.

Remember, this should be an enjoyable experience that celebrates your special relationship with your fur baby. Experiment with different shots and styles until you find something that speaks to you.

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