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What Apps Are We Using This Month? with M. Cecilia São Thiago

Welcome to TheAppWhisperer’s new section, “what apps are we using this month” series, where we discover which apps you are particularly enjoying. Kicking us off today is non-other than Award Winning Mobile Artist, M. Cecilia São Thiago.

First of all, I want to thank Joanne for taking the time to shed light on yet another interview with so many people I’m a fan of. #polaroid_byklimtt

This kind of disclosure has always helped me enormously to learn new techniques, and encourages me to test new combinations of Apps to firm up the ones I already knew. #monalisaoftheday

©M. Cecilia São Thiago

Where do you live?

I’m Maria Cecilia de São Thiago, #klimtt_selfie a Brazilian artist who lives in a condominium oasis with many fruit trees and small wild animals in the middle of  São Paulo, Brazil, a huge city with a population, according to the estimate calculated for July 1, 2021, of  22 048 504 inhabitants, greater than that of several countries, such as Chile (17,248,450), the Netherlands (17,100,475) and Portugal (10,487,289).

As I live in this peaceful place, this is especially reflected in my art due to the time and devotion I dedicate to it.

©M.Cecilia de São Thiago

My name is Maria Cecilia de São Thiago.

Yes, my last name is related to a Saint, as well as the city and state where I live.

“São” is written like in “São Paulo” And “Saint Thiago” is referred to “Saint James” in UK – or “Saint Jacques” in France, that’s why it is written that way.

But that doesn’t mean I’m a saint, and I discount and let my anger and susceptibilities show through art, especially Digital Art.  #lusiadas_byklimtt

©M Cecilia de São Thiago

I usually edit my work, whether it goes to galleries or was printed for my Photobook, “Unforgettable” #unforgettable_byklimtt on a 12 inch iPad Pro. But to be honest, since the release of the iPhone 13 Max Pro and now the 14 Max Pro, with the especially large screen, I’ve been editing a lot of work only on mobile phone.

©M Cecilia de São Thiago

Have you used an app in recent weeks that you’d recommend?

I got used to edit absolutely all my works with ArtStudio Pro app even though I test and experiment with everything that appears on the App Store and Google Play. ArtStudio is what supplies all my needs. #theimagewithintheimage_byklimtt

I feel like I need to dedicate myself a little more to Procreate.

But today I want to share with you my current passion. I’m completely obsessed with Artificial Intelligence, especially when it comes to art.

I’m fascinated by the many possibilities that this new set of tools opens up to spark my creativity.

©M Cecilia de São Thiago

As someone who has always been passionate about studying the relationship between painting and photography, artificial intelligence hit me hard with its many possibilities for transformation. So, what particularly fascinated me is the possibility of changing my own images, through special applications, to the style of renowned artists who have always inspired me, such as Gustav Klimt, Egon Schiele, Friedensreich Hundertwasser, or

Jacques-Louis David, Alphonse Mucha, Oskar Kokoschka, Louis Comfort Tiffany, Nicolaes Eliasz Pickenoy, to name just a few. #reinterpretation_byklimtt

©M Cecilia de São Thiago

I started using AI some time ago, in apps like Snapchat to change my face, or the face of someone I had photographed on the street and whom I didn’t have the right to use the image. So out of concern for Copyright I ended up creating a whole series of images and works in which I ask “And If I Wasnt Me? #andifiwasntme

Then with the beginning of Facebook and Instagram filters this type of image editing only prospered in my photo library. #embaubas_byklimtt

©M Cecilia de São Thiago

PicsArt app uses AI to trade

I use artificial intelligence applications to eliminate unwanted people from photos and replace them with animals or objects, leaving the image as natural as possible.

Using algorithms, the PicsArt app, available free of charge for Android and iPhone (iOS) phones, is able to eliminate a certain part of the image pre-selected by the user and compose the surrounding environment to replace an old partner with an animal, an object or even a another person, leaving the photograph as natural as possible.

I recomendo also Photoleap App. for Ai features.

The use of other Apps like Facetune to replace people in photos using artificial intelligence is also my constant use.

©M Cecilia de São Thiago

Share your recommendations

But of course this kind of Ai creation still needs meticulous editing, not only to correct the hands and eyes, which still have many problems, but also to create the usual atmosphere that my creative process is characterized by, and the own identity and visual signature that I authorise to my works.

©M Cecilia de São Thiago

Tell us a bit about yourself 

I’m 65 years old and I’ve been dedicating myself to art and now to jewelry design with my eldest daughter Catharina Florence, who after almost ten years in Paris develops Mamie Leonie @mamie.leonie in homage to Great Grandmother Leonie. Mamie, grandma in French, translates this homage into pieces that bring a history and family tradition like the Chevalieres rings developed especially for each client. #dnascars_byklimtt & #familyaffair_byklimtt

©M Cecilia de São Thiago

I am really delighted with this new world that Ai has given me. And I only understand those who disbelieve these millions of new possibilities, like those who still didn’t know how to use or haven’t tested in detail everything that Ai can offer. #ai_byklimtt

©M Cecilia de São Thiago

My understanding about artificial intelligence is that this is a new tool for creation and not what we saw as flooded a while ago on instagram as creating an avatar for the profile


©M Cecilia de São Thiago

For me it’s not about “stealing” anyone’s work, I simply edit my own images. And on the other hand, I don’t understand who says that Ai is not art, because after the “Fountain” exposed in a museum… the whole meaning of art was completely shaken, which makes me certain that art, after “R. Mutt 1917” art admits it all.

©M Cecilia de São Thiago

Tell us your app recommendations

So the apps I’ve been using lately are all where I can do my artistic style research through Ai.

Ai Apps for iPhone:

Discord – Midjourney

I start using the /describe command and send a photograph of my own for Midjourney to describe it in a new prompt.⁣


I was delighted with the ease of creation in: AI Arta @aiart_app

To create a prompt follow the steps:

  • Main Subject
  • Secondary Subject
  • Artist and Style
  • Photo or Artistic prompt
  • Specify the color
©M Cecilia de São Thiago

What about the apps(s) have you particularly enjoyed?

And I recommend a simple search in your App Store, either App Store or Google Play for a pleasant surprise or for #aiapps on Instagram.

I have used and abused the following apps on the iPhone: @prisma @deeparteffects @becassoapp @portraitai @dreamscopeapp







Ai Art Generator

Dream AI Art


Ai Art Generator – Wonder Dream

etc, etc, etc…

©M Cecilia de São Thiago

Another app I’ve come to use regularly and highly recommend is the video app, VideoLeap

For those who want to learn more about Ai, I also recommend the links below:

  5. – Free Ai Art Generator

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