Weekend of Mobile Photography with Cedric Blanchon from France


This weekend Cedric Blanchon, an Award Winning Mobile Photographer chronicles his enviable junket with us. Viewing his text and images, I feel almost as if I am observing an impressionistic diary, rediscovering the joy of photographing the streets without a plan or project, with Blanchon by my side. I feel the energy within the captures, each person within every frame is subtly photographed, visual clues, hand movements, facial expressions are given a meaning.

If you would like to review others that we have published in our Weekend series, please go here. For now, enjoy! (foreword by Joanne Carter).

“I’m waiting for the weekend impatiently, I’m doing a hard job that has nothing to do with the world of art and photography, that’s why at the weekend I rest, I play sports, I play with my children and I edit a few photos or think about some series.

I have just returned from a two-day trip to Rouen, the city where Jeanne D’arc was burn, a beautiful city where I could do lots of street photography”.

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