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    iOS – PhotoArtistaHD – Sketch – Temporary Price Drop

    Photo Artista Sketch converts your photo into a sketch with wispy lines and delicate shading to achieve a light but fine rendered drawing. In contrast to most digital art media, Artista Sketch comes very close to hand-drawn artwork seen only before in sketches created by human artists. Getting a similar result using traditional pencils would require expert training or extensive manipulation using an image editing application. No need to handle a pencil to feel like an artist. The only thing you need to create your original artwork is the appreciation … we will take care of the rest.
 This app is available for $2.99/£1.99 instead of the more usual $4.99/£2.99,…

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    Daily iPad App Digest – 11th, December 2010

    Latest iPad apps and updates to hit the iTunes store today… Photo Manager Pro What’s new in the latest update: 1. New photo picker component a) Multi-Select/Select All import b) Import videos without compress 2, Take filename as photo tag when uploading files from computer 3, Performance improvement for photo gallery 4, Compatible with iOS4.2 Price Drop – $0.99/Download Photo Captions HD What’s new: Custom Font selection: More than 20 new custom font selections Import photos from Facebook from friends albums or your own photos Photo Effects: Bunch of new fx such as Sketch, Colored Sketch, Posterize, Burnt Paper, Hue Green etc. Photo Edge Effects: Add feathering effects to the…