PowerPoint Comes to Office² HD – For iPad


Office²HD 4.0 introduces the most robust Microsoft Office integration and functionalities on the iPad. Byte² ’s latest upgrade to their top-5 business app provides complete Microsoft PowerPoint capabilities to the existing 2 Million Byte² users on iOS.   Office² HD was built with Microsoft Office’s unique product set in mind. Offering superior stability, functionality, features … Read more PowerPoint Comes to Office² HD – For iPad

Notebooks iOS App Review


Notebooks is a wonderful app, it allows you to keep your documents organized, these can include PDF’s, Pages, Numbers, Keynote, Word, Excel, Powerpoint, HTML or RTF formats as well as images and even Palm memos, should you have them. You can also Import and Export files at will, draw sketches, and a host of other … Read more Notebooks iOS App Review

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