Mobile Photography – Instagram TAKEOVER with Meri Walker (@iphoneartgirl) and David Leibowitz (@dleibo) Day 14


Wow! What an incredible fortnight it has been with both Meri Walker (@iPhoneArtGirl) and David Leibowitz (@dleibo) taking over our Instagram feed! Their vision is exemplary, we have loved every post, take a look at their final posts below…

On day 14 @iphoneartgirl featured this stunning image by @ratspeaker and she writes@iphoneartgirl here, huddled by the heater for @theappwhisperer with an unusually unusual monochrome shot by @ratspeaker. Ted’s images often pull me up short and this one does so more than most. There must be a million ways to capture the flight of an egret… yet the quirky poetry of this one leaves me marveling at how this creature ever flies. Or, for that matter, how it stops flying to “land.” The vulnerability of the creature is front and center here. Beautiful!”

Later on day 14 @dleibo featured @catherinecaddigan and he writes @dleibo here for @theappwhisperer : I found myself throughly enjoying the way @catherinecaddigan made this bird fly. The drop shadow and 2D illustrated globe position this flapping bird off the surface of the screen. I love that! I’m thrown off by the lack of a balanced composition. The bird faces left and the globe is left of center leaving the light shape and word “Air” to find a visual balance. But if fails and in doing so, leaves me flapping my wings, searching for balance and…WAIT, flapping my wings …searching for balance? OK, I get it now”.

Later still @dleibo featured @sandraanykerk and he writes @dleibo here for @theappwhisperer : This image by @sandranykerk caught my eye as a brilliant, minimal composition with a subtle palette that added up to a piece with incredible visual impact . Using so little to gain so much…Then I notice a tag @Yellowstone and gain an even greater appreciation for Sandra’s eye, as she also managed to capture the park’s stark beauty in a extremely precise vision”.

What a fabulous fortnight it has been with these two incredible mobile artists. To round off their journey on day 15 they featured each other with @iphoneartgirl writing @iphoneartgirl making my last post for @theappwhisperer during my IG takeover with @dleibo. This is my shot, made this evening during a beautiful dinner with David as we were discussing what we learned and enjoyed most about our collaboration over the last two weeks. The thing about David is when he pays attention, it’s golden. At least that’s how it is for me. I’m thinking it might’ve been the way it’s been for the rest of you when he’s been curating your images over this period of time. I’ve learned a lot having the opportunity to do this daily searching through #theappwhisperer tag, not the least of which is how differently David and I see individual pieces of mobile photography and mobile art. The best part of this process for me has been allowing our different backgrounds and our different tastes and our different technical skills to highlight the works of so many different people. Thank you so much for your attention and your kindness. And thank you again, @theappwhisperer, for offering us this opportunity. I, for one, will really be looking forward to future curators’ points of view. Love to all of you ❤👈🏿

and with Leibowitz writing@dleibo here for @theappwhisperer : This has been fun, carefully curating this extraordinary feed of Mobile Art. Doing it with iPhoneArtGirl, well, now we’re talking! How lucky am I, having her next to me, shooting, editing and in a constant conversation about this crazy-ass thing we all love to do. As my closing selection, I picked my own portrait of Meri Walker so you got a small sense of our amazing synergy. I want to thank Joanne for this opportunity and you all for your kind reception of my selections and of my definition of “what is art”.

Thank you so much dear Meri and David for a fabulous fourteen days, what an exhilarating journey it has been to see #theappwhisperer through your eyes, its been so good, thank you both!

Please continue to tag all your images with #theappwhisperer as we have a new curator starting soon…

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