FIPA Mobile Photography Most Wanted Visionaries Exhibition – 2015


Huge congratulations to the twenty artists whose works have been selected for the incredible honour to be exhibited at the Tethys Fine Art Gallery, Florence, Italy. This exhibition is one part of the Summer 2015 series of mobile photography and art exhibitions in association with the NEM the Florence International Photography Awards (FIPA), organised by Andrea Bigiarini (see here).

Many congratulations to the following artists for their incredible talent and beautiful works:  Angie Johnson, Robin Robertis, Diana Nicholette Jeon, Brett Chenoweth, Vivi Hanson, Captain Flam, Janine Graf, Eddie X, AlexVisage, Jiri Dvorak, Karen Divine, Lorenka Campos, Michelle Robinson, Rob Pearson-Wright, Dieter Gaebel, Kim Martino, Patricia Larson, Erika Brothers, Benamon Tame and Lee Atwell.

To find out more, please go here.

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