Artistic Anarchy: Mobile Art Collusion – Third Video Showcase


Welcome to the Artistic Anarchy: Mobile Collusion An The AppWhisperer Group’s August 2015 Showcase. This month we had 32 artists participate worldwide and over 90 beautiful collusions resulting! The theme this month was “Ethereal” and our Showcase was made with the help of our esteemed Guest Curator Vivi Sacerdote. Thank you Veevs for completing such a difficult job! I am struck this month by the variety and breadth of the collusions made. The styles, genres, mood, and effects are as varied and creative as our amazing global community of artists. As they are paired randomly each month, each has the opportunity to begin with the original vision of their partner and interpret the image first captured by another with their own mind’s eye. It is clear from speaking with many of the artists that there is a great sense of reverence and privilege to share in this creative process. We are forging an interconnected sense of community, though virtual, that ties us to each other world wide. I want to share just a few examples from our showcase this month to illustrate the diversity of the original images as well as the unique reinterpretation by the paired artists.

All work must be shot and edited come rely on a mobile device. Pairings and communication all go through our Facebook Group :


The images are posted on both Facebook as well as well as on our Flickr group to be considered to be included in the showcase.


Many congratulations to the following artists included in this weeks video showcase: 

Karen Wollina and Kerryn Benbow, Barb Nebel with Claude Labarussiat, Elaine Taylor with Jane Fiala, Lisa Peters and Isabella Matthews, Armineh Hovanesian with Garry Ryon, Manuela Basaldella with Kim Martino Diaz, Jane Fiala with Elaine Taylor, Manuela Basaldella with Kim Martino, Kerryn Benbow with Karin Wollina, Karin Wollina with Kerryn Benbow, Carolyn Hall Young with Sara McCracken, Mark Schnidman with Julio C Pelaez, Sara Welder with Carolyn Hall Young, Julio Pelaez with Mark Schnidman

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Streets Ahead – Thirty Second Edition – Mobile Street Photography


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Streets Ahead – Twenty Ninth Edition


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