How To Update Your App In The Amazon Appstore


Amazon have released a great video explaining how to update your app in the Amazon Appstore. Here’s how to do it…

How To Update Your App


To update details about your app (including images, videos, app descriptions, etc.):

    1.    Go to “My Apps” (do not click on “Add New App”) and click “Edit App Details” button for your Live, Pending Action, Incomplete, or Ready to Submit app
    2.    You can make changes and save them in each section
    3.    You must click “Submit App” when finished – this will allow Amazon to validate and publish your  changes live on the website


How To Update Your APK:


    1.    Click “Create new version” near your Live, Approved, or Rejected app
    2.    You can upload a new binary on the next screen
    3.    Put release notes in the “Upload Binary” section after you upload your APK
    4.    Click “Submit App” to notify Amazon about your new version of the app

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