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Dot-to-Dot, a universal app for the iPad, iPhone and iPod touch, for one or two players, is a variation on the traditional Dots game, where the objective of the game has been to make squares by connecting adjacent dots. In this version, by changing the grid of dots, you can either form a triangle or a square, making the game more visually interesting and challenging.

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Dot-to-Dot is a new take on the age-old, time-honored favorite puzzle of connect the dots, or maybe you’ve heard of it by the name of join the dots. Whatever you know it by, doesn’t change the fact that this is one very addictive and amusing game. You can play it by yourself, in 1-player mode, which is likely how’ll it be played most I’m willing to bet, or you can share the fun with a second player.


As this has been written for the iPad (or iPhone/iPod touch) you use you finger to join the dots – one move at a time, while your opponent tries their hardest to complete either a triangle or square before you. Each time they do, they score points over you. But, if you’re clever, or cleverer, and complete a triangle (or square for extra points) before they do then you’re in with a chance of winning.


As you might expect, as the game progresses the likelihood of making a mistake and giving them the chance to fill in the dots increases. And, the tension can get to you when you realize that just one false move could mean the end of the game.


You’re given a second go when you’ve completed a triangle or square so there are times when the whole game collapses like dominoes, and sometimes there’s absolutely nothing you can do about it.


To make things even more fun the developer has added a couple of twists to the original. You can set a time limit to up the pressure (up to a maximum of 20-seconds). If you don’t complete a move within the allotted time, you lose a point. For long car journeys, the Large Grid will keep the children immersed for ages, and if waiting for the dentist, the Small Grid is just enough to keep you mind off what’s to come.


And there’s a a clever ‘move selector’ option which randomly limits the way you can join the dots, for instance, only horizontally and vertically, diagonally, or a combination of both (which is not actually a limitation). You can also choose to add the time limit to the move selector (complete with a hurried-sounding clock effect ticking away), really upping the tempo and forcing you to make mistakes. You must confirm the move as well, not only verifying your choice but adding a little pressure. It sounds a bit corny but I’ve truly not had so much fun with a game in ages. It’s not as challenging as Chess but it’s a good way to exercise the brain all the same.


There are some clever touches, in two player mode, for instance, the move selector can made display up-side down allowing your opponent to play opposite you. And there’s an element of devilment to the game where the move selector will randomly force you to skip a turn or make you re-spin. It’s all rather slick, right down to the rather up-market look.

Editor’s choice 4/5. If you would like to try this game, you can pick it up here for $0.99.

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