iPad 3 Due In Spring 2012


Welcome to our new RUMORS section on theappwhisperer.com, here you will find juicy snippets of information relating to both software and hardware of anything to do with apps. You can also comment all drop your own rumors into our Forum section and we’ll pick them up from there.

To kick off today, we heard a rumor that the iPad 3 will be knocking about in Apple stores around March/April next year. DigiTimes mentioned this following information relating to OEM production of the iPad 2. Despite production remaining high at 14-15 million units in the fourth quarter of 2011, decline is expected to drop it down to 4-5 million units in the first quarter of 2012, paving the way for the launch of the iPad 3.

This does all sound quite believable, the iPad 2 started shipping in April 2011 so fingers crossed, make sure you save some of your Christmas budget for April 2012! We’re hoping it’s going to come with a retina display, similar to the iPhone 4s, an A6 processor, Siri of course, a thinner battery, lighter in weight overall, curved glass, possibly 3D and we could go on….


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