Griffin Previews the Twenty Audio Amplifier for Airport Express at CES


“The Griffin Twenty is the easiest, best-sounding solution for consumers who have speakers that are not AirPlay-enabled but still want to stream high-fidelity audio wirelessly,” said Mark Rowan, President of Griffin Technology. “Not only can users stream from their iTunes library, they can easily connect with any AirPlay-enabled iOS device.”


Twenty boasts a zero-configuration audio set-up that streams Apple Lossless sound from iTunes or any other AirPlay-enabled app (Pandora, Spotify,, etc.) to the user’s speakers via a low-profile digital amplifier. Twenty comes equipped with a power connection and mount for Airport Express. It features a 2.1 channel sound system with 20 watts output per channel and also supports a powered subwoofer with an automatic active crossover at 80 Hz.



·         Class D Stereo Amplifier  –  TI PurePath™
·         Input: S/PDIF optical, TOSLINK connector (included)
·         Outputs:  Spring-loaded right & left channel connectors; RCA subwoofer connector
·         Sensitivity:  0.34 dBFS for 20 watts (Volume control set to max.)
Speaker Output:
·         Power:  20 watts per channel into 8 ohms @0.08% THD, both channels driven
·         Frequency Response: 20 Hz – 20kHz, +0, -0.34 dB
·         Signal-to-Noise ratio: 95 dB
·         Crosstalk: -71 dB
Subwoofer Output:  
·         Left + Right sub-bass audio
·         Autoswitching when powered subwoofer is detected
·         Power:  Line-level output (2V rms at 0 dBFS input)
·         High-Pass Filter: 80 Hz 2nd order Linkwitz-Riley applied to L+R channels
·         Low-Pass Filter: 80 Hz 2nd order Linkwitz-Riley applied to subwoofer output
AC Power:
·         100 – 240 VAC @ 50/60 Hz supplies both amp and power connection for Airport Express.

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