AutoStitch Panorama for iPad – New – Full Resolution


The iPhone version of this app has been around since September 2009 but now we have a brand new iPad version to play with. AutoStitch creates the highest quality panoramas available on your iPad. It is the only app that stitches full-resolution photos taken in any arrangement into seamless high-resolution panoramas.

AutoStitch allows you to stitch any photos in your photo albums. Photos can be taken with the AutoStitch camera, with any other camera app, or even imported from another camera. 

The built-in StitchGuide viewfinder makes it easy to capture exactly the scene that you want. The augmented reality interface elegantly displays the positions where previous images have been taken, making it easy to line up your next photo precisely.

For those that have AutoStitch for iPhone, the iPad version complements it perfectly. You can capture shots on the go with your phone, then transfer your projects to the iPad to view them on the larger screen. You can even re-stitch them at twice the maximum resolution, up to 36 megapixels.

This app retails for $2.99/£1.99 and you can download it here.





● Simple and intuitive interface. Just choose or snap images and tap “Stitch”
● Choice of resolutions up to 36 megapixels for poster-quality prints (iPad2 or newer)
● All source images are retained, so you can change stitch options later
● Crop the result with automatic or manual cropping
● Includes StitchGuide augmented-reality viewfinder (iPad2 or newer)
● Stitch photos taken with any other camera or app
● Share your creations via email, Facebook, or Twitter

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3 thoughts on “AutoStitch Panorama for iPad – New – Full Resolution

  1. Must try this iPad version, I have just done panoramas using the iPhone4 version of Autostitch and I have Panoramas that are 50inches by 16 inches and would go bigger too. Be interesting to see what the ipad can do.

  2. Where’s the difference (feature/quality) to the panorama possibility in iOS6 for iPhone 4S/5?

    And is there any difference of this app used on iPhone 4 (no S!) or iPhone 5?

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