parallel ll perspectives With Catherine Restivo & JQ Gaines – Fourth Edition

We are positive that you’re all going to love this latest parallel II perspectives column article by Catherine Restivo and JQ Gaines. This is the fourth edition to their brand new and very popular Column ‘parallel ll perspectives and this time they use a wonderful image, taken by Catherine through her car windscreen/shield whilst stopped at traffic lights in New York City.

Parallel ll perspectives is about using one image and seeing how it can be aped in different ways to create two completely diverse overall images. We have created two separate screen shows of both of their images along with their own individual tutorial audio to demonstrate this entirely. We really hope you enjoy this wonderful column, many thanks to Catherine and JQ for their excellent work.

We have also included still images of each shot too with apps used and links to the app store incase you feel inspired to try some yourself.


JQ’s Screenshow


Catherine’s Screenshow


JQ’s images


Original Shot

Step 1


Camera Awesome – cropped into a portrait

Step 2



ProCreate: Smoothed out the graininess

Step 3



ProCreate: Painted over the water droplets

Step 4



Plastic Bullet: Applied a filter.

Step 5



Camera Awesome: Applied a cyan filter and “Ripples” Frame (Kubota)

Finished Image




ProCreate: Applied finishing touches. Darkened in area on the left, lowered highlights on the second person’s face, and did touch up work on the frame.

Catherine’s Images


Original Shot taken with Hipstamatic.

Step 1


Crop with Filterstorm. Smoothed in ProCreate.

Step 2



Procreate – textures and grunge.

Step 3



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