Photography Tip Of The Day – Number 44


Digital Camera World is quite an interesting magazine and we we came across an article over the weekend packed with famous photographers tips. We’re going to publish one each day, they’re not mobile but have a broader reach. We think you’ll enjoy this.

The next one we’re going to mention is by Nils Jorgesen an outstanding street photographer – take a look at his work here and read his tips below.



“I compose by what feels right. I might shoot several versions of a scene, sometimes dozens, and I also think about timing. Within the frame, things need to be composed as they happen. Everything is moving about until you take the shot and stop it, and you can’t control these things in another way (I think this is great, or I would have become a studio photographer instead!). The only thing you can do is to take the picture at the right moment, composed in a way that seems right. It is mostly just luck.”

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