Mini Mobile Portfolio Reviews (MMPR) – Brand New Section Added To TheAppWhisperer


TheAppWhisperer is a pioneering mobile photography and art website. As our loyal readers know we are committed and most of all deeply passionate about mobile photography and we have been a leading force in this area for many years. We are committed to elevating  this incredible art form and our progress has been exceptional with additional prestigious titles including Vogue and LensCulture now publishing our unique content based on mobile photography/ers.

It is with huge pleasure today, that I announce a brand new section to TheAppWhisperer, one that I believe will directly help the mobile photographer to gain more clarity and authentication of their work.  Today, we are launching Mini Mobile Portfolio Reviews (MMPR). This section will be edited by Miranda Gavin.  Miranda is a writer, blogger, editor, educator and photographer (you can read an in-depth bio below).  She regularly reviews professional portfolios – Photomonth (2009-12), Renaissance Photography Prize (2013-2014) and Brighton Photo Fringe (2014)  as well as visits student degree shows  – University of Derby, (2011-14); University of the Creative Arts, Farnham, 2013-14; University of Norwich, 2011.  Miranda has a BA (Hons) in Photography (University of Westminster) and a Master of Research from London Consortium (Birbeck) in Humanities and Cultural Studies (2008).

Miranda is kindly offering these Mini Portfolio Reviews for free for now, as we gauge interest, take up and time. Each Mini Portfolio Review will be completely confidential, we will not publish any reviews, unless you want us to.  Every few weeks we will offer additional tips and techniques to this section to help you prepare a portfolio for submission.

Please Note:  This is an Online Submission Process with Written Feedback.

Please read the following information on how to submit your portfolio for a review:

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