Need To Transfer Images From Your Eye-Fi SD Card To Your iPad? There’s A Great App For That


Yes, it’s true, ditch your Apple iPad Camera Connection kit right now, with ShutterSnitch you can send the images from your Eye-Fi card directly to either your iPhone or iPad.


This app will bring relief to many, I have been constantly asked whether it is possible to wirelessly transfer images to your iPad from your Eye-Fi card and despite it being quite a challenge, I rose to the occasion and scoured the App Store until I found Shuttersnitch. You’ll need to use a router or MiFi as obviously your iPad cannot create its own Wi-Fi network.

Then, once you have captured all of your images to the EyeFi card you will be able to beam your photos straight onto your iPad, or iPhone – there is also the facility to set up custom visual and audible alerts to let you know the shutter speed, ISO, aperture, focal length with more options penned for the future.

This app will appeal to many photographers and for $7.99 is an absolute bargain. Download here.


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