Is There An App For That?

  • Is There An App For That?

    Need To Transfer Images From Your Eye-Fi SD Card To Your iPad? There’s A Great App For That

    Yes, it’s true, ditch your Apple iPad Camera Connection kit right now, with ShutterSnitch you can send the images from your Eye-Fi card directly to either your iPhone or iPad. This app will bring relief to many, I have been constantly asked whether it is possible to wirelessly transfer images to your iPad from your Eye-Fi card and despite it being quite a challenge, I rose to the occasion and scoured the App Store until I found Shuttersnitch. You’ll need to use a router or MiFi as obviously your iPad cannot create its own Wi-Fi network. Then, once you have captured all of your images to the EyeFi card you…

  • Is There An App For That?

    Want To Retouch Photos On Your iPhone With An App? Try TouchRetouch

    Adva-Soft announces the availability of TouchRetouch update (version 1.0.1) for iPhone and iPod Touch. TouchRetouch is a portable tool that lets you to remove unwanted content from your photos to achieve a new look. This update works with photos in their original resolution and allows you to send pictures via e-mail. Price: $0.99/Download