Apple Releases Dates For Holiday-Themed Kids Workshops


These are great, we’ve had them in the UK for a while and now they are available in the US. If you follow this link – here – it will take you to the workshops that are available in the US for this hoilday season for kids aged between 6 and 13.

My eldest son actually completed a Field Trip with his Boarding School at Brighton, UK Apple Store earlier this year and loved it. He got to learn more about iMovie – which he loves and generally just have a good time.


There are only 12 stores participating in the US, including some in Colorado, Florida, Michigan and New York. So if you want your child to experience this you really need to book ahead.

My Local Store


The Apple Store, Regent Street, W1 is my local store and currently it is showing some Snap Photo workshops to register for – I think I might just do that.

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