Who Is It – LED Light Alerts for Contacts? New BlackBerry App


Finally, a BlackBerry® app that lets YOU decide whether to take the call, email, or SMS now or later with ‘Who Is It’.

Using your BlackBerry’s® front LED, assign up to 10 colors to different callers. Parents? Green. Boss? Yellow. Tax accountant? Blue, blue, blue.


You know who’s on the line at a glance so you decide if this is a contact that needs attention now, or a call, email or SMS that can wait a while.

• Choose up to 10 different contacts and assign 10 different LED colors so you know who’s on the line all of the time.

• No reconfiguration required. Just download and set up ‘Who Is It’ with a few taps. It’s designed to be easy, like all JaredCo apps.

• The user-friendly interface allows you to quickly set Color ID to your preferences and needs. Tap, tap, tap. Done.

• Change colors or contacts in just seconds.

When you’re plugged in to the digital grid you know how important it is to manage your connections and your time. ‘Who Is It’ is the one app that does it all with nothing more than your BlackBerry’s® LED. Sweet.

Add a little color to your life and to your BlackBerry®. And finally get organized with ‘Who Is It – the energy-efficient, “at-a-glance” caller ID that puts connections under your control.


1 thought on “Who Is It – LED Light Alerts for Contacts? New BlackBerry App”

  1. Why it’s impossibile to associate LED colour with BBMessanger and with Facebook Contacts (even if they are contact on my phone too)? =(

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