My Medical iPad App Review


My Medical offers the opportunity to keep all your medical information together, at hand and accessible. It supports limitless capabilities to add other peoples’ medical information as separate records.


Our Rating ****
iPad App – Designed for the iPad. iPhone version available
Developer: Steven Chaitoff

Price: $1.99
Version Reviewed: 1.4
Device Reviewed On: iPad

Layout/Design: ****
Controls: ***
Usability: *****
Reliability: *****

Overall Rating: ****

New Record


Getting started with this app means you need to create a New Record. This is simple to do by selecting the people icon at the bottom left of the page. Next, you need to complete the default forms. These are straight forward and comprehensive. Starting with General Information which consists of name, address, employer, height, weight those kind of details. Once you add your height and weight the BMI is automatically worked out.



The medical information that you can add within My Medical is extensive. From standard details such as your blood group, to details of upcoming tests, surgical procedures and the name and contact details of your consultant.



One aspect we particularly like is the facility to link appointment dates to your calendar. Once the appointment has been added within My Medical your calendar will alert you to it from your iPad.

Calendar View On iPad




The design is very fluid and clean. The app works promptly and comes complete with a whole host of templates to ensure you have a complete picture of your medical health and anyone else’s’ that you look after. There is also the facility to add documents from your photo album. These don’t have to be specifically photographs, they could be scanned pdf’s/X-rays, from other medical professionals, or perhaps additional information that you wanted to talk to your consultant about.

Who Would Use It?


We see this app appealing to a very wide audience. From mothers needing to keep records of their children’s’ medical appointments and history to professional healthcare workers and it could even be developed in a less domestic fashion for medical staff on hospital wards.


There are only a few niggles we have with this app. These include the fact that this version is tailored specifically to the US market. That’s fine of course, but if the developer wants to attract other markets then some of the categories will need to be changed. For example, in the UK everyone has a GP so that would need to go in. GP stands for General Practitioner which is your local family doctor. Perhaps the main niggle relates to the weight and height measurements. In the UK, weight is still commonly described in stones and pounds, typically someone would say they weigh 9st 6lb. My Medical cannot accept this yet but the developer will amend it in a future update. Finally, one personal category I would like to see added is ‘organ donation’. It would be a great opportunity to add this in and get the patients consent.

Access Via Your Computer


If you find the thought of adding huge chunks of information on your iPad to be rather hideous, My Medical have a website and you can add the data to that and it will transfer automatically to your iPad into all the correct categories, you can find that here.

To conclude, this is an excellent app through and through, from the original concept and right down to the actual design and usability. It only needs a few very minor tweaks to make it a perfect app. There’s no question that really this should be one of the first apps you purchase for your iPad.


This app retails for $1.99 and you can pick it up here.

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