The Apple Design Award App Winners – Read All About Them Here


The Apple Design Awards 2011 recognize outstanding achievement and excellence in iPhone, iPad, and Mac app design. Each year, winning products set new standards for the developer community to follow. Read about what made this year’s winners stand out above the rest.

iPhone Award – Infinity Blade


This sword-fighting, action game was developed exclusively for iOS and offers an innovative user experience using a first-person sword-fighting mechanic. Amazing graphics, high production quality, and incredible performance with console level graphics create disbelief about what can be done on a mobile device. And Game Center integration and Game Center multi-player mode keeps players coming back.

This app costs $5.99 and you can pick it up here

iPhone Award – Golfscape GPS Rangefinder


Golfscape GPS Rangefinder is an augmented reality, visual golf rangefinder used by players to pinpoint positing on the golf course for accurate shot placement. It uses the compass to show position indicators and point to target, and offers superior use of the Camera, Gyroscope, and Accelerometer for an accurate, full 360-degree view of the course. Fast app switching between Golfscape and Golfshot allows you to keep score and view a top down 2D map of the hole being played. And background GPS keeps track of where you are on the course between shots – even when your iPhone is asleep or performing other tasks.

This app retails for $9.99 and you can pick it up here

iPhone Award – Cut The Rope


Cut the Rope is an amazing physics puzzle game, representing a high quality, high production value, casual game. Its clean, simple design offers a straightforward and addictive game mechanic that works perfectly for the touch screen. Cut the Rope is a great example of strong game design paired with excellent iOS integration – using OpenGL, Multi-Touch, and Accelerometer. Cut the Rope is available only on iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.

This app retails for $0.99 and you can pick it up here

iPad Award – dJay for iPad


A full-fledged DJ system, djay for iPad allows mixing of iPod music, live performances, and recorded mixes on a hyper-realistic turntable interface. It’s fully optimized for iOS 4 multitasking and background operation, and uses Core Audio for pristine sound quality and ultra-low latency, with support for popular audio formats like MP3 and AA. djay for iPad also uses AirPlay to stream mixes wirelessly to Apple TV, AirPort Express, or any AirPlay-supported speaker dock, AV receiver, or stereo system. It takes advantage of the high-performance, dual-core processor in iPad 2 for supreme quality and desktop-class features like Time-Stretching and higher precision audio analysis.

This app retails for $9.99 and you can pick it up here

iPad Award – Osmos for iPad


Osmos for iPad is a well designed, well executed "Asteroids meets lava lamp" game with elegant, physics-based gameplay, dreamlike visuals, and a minimalist, electronic soundtrack. It makes great use of OpenGL, and OpenAL, and Multi-Touch on iPad. Its Multi-Touch controls work very well with the physical nature of the game (mass propulsion, zooming, time-warping, etc.) while offering maximum simplicity and immersion. Osmos for iPad has garnered rave reviews and is available on iPad, iPhone, iPod touch, and Mac.

This app retails for $4.99 and you can pick it up here

iPad Award – Our Choice


Our Choice is an incredibly simple to use, entirely Multi-Touch gesture driven, interactive book app. It mixes narrative with photography, animations, video, and data-rich interactive graphics, and uses UIKit and Core Animation extensively to deliver a very tactile, compelling, and immediate user experience without any user interface. Written from scratch on iOS, Our Choice sets a high bar for simplicity and appeal for other apps in the same genre.

The app retails for $4.99 and you can pick it up here

Mac App Award – Capo


Capo is a powerful, modern tool that helps you learn to perform your favorite music using the original recording. You can adjust the pitch of the song to learn it in a different key or tune it to your instrument, detect chords in realtime without pre-analysis, set up a loop to practice difficult passages and save your loops, markers, pitch, and speed settings so you can pick up where you left off. Capo offers a gorgeous visual design and fantastic integration with Mac OS X technologies including Cocoa, Grand Central Dispatch, OpenCL, and Core Audio.

This app retails for $49.95 and you can pick it up here

Mac App Award – Pixelmator


A beautifully designed, easy-to-use and powerful image editor for Mac OS X, Pixelmator uses all of the latest Mac OS X technologies, including Cocoa, 64-Bit, OpenGL, Core Image, iSight, Media Browser, Automator, Quartz Composer, and more. It integrates with Aperture, iPhoto, and PhotoBooth and offers web export options to Flickr, Facebook and Picasa. Pixelmator brings fun and ease of use back to this category of software.

As we have mentioned previously, this great app is soon to be updated and will retail for $60. If you download this version now for $29.99 you will receive a free upgrade to version 2. You can download this app here.

Mac App Award – Anomaly Warzone Earth


Anomaly Warzone Earth is a great, new tower offense game for Mac with gorgeous graphics and great special effects through extensive use of OpenGL shaders and high-performance tuning. It offers great strategy and action and is currently one of the newest and most impressive games on the Mac App Store.

This app retails for $6.99 and you can pick it up here

Student Developer Showcase – Grades 2


Grades 2 was developed by Jeremy Olson while he was a student at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. A self taught iOS developer, he started coding in his sophomore year and did all of the design and development for Grades 2 – a GPA calculator for students with intuitive user interface and high quality graphics. It integrates nicely with iOS technologies including iAd, In-App Purchase, UIKit, Retina Display, and Multi-Touch. It includes due date notification for assignments, and a calendar and drop grade feature to track GPA progress for individual courses and overall GPA.

This app is free and you can download it here

Student Developer Showcase – Pennant


Stephen Varga built Pennant as the main project for his Master’s thesis at Parsons The New School for Design. This fantastic baseball history app creates a view of baseball history through data visualizations of key statistics from over 115,000 games from 1952-2010. Built entirely with Cocoa touch and OpenGL, Pennant is available exclusively for iPad.

This app retails for $4.99 and you can download it here

Student Developer Showcase – Pulse News


Pulse News is a beautiful news and social network browser that allows you to customize and add news from traditional sources, blogs and social networks, and view content offline. Developers Akshay Kothari and Ankit Gupta created Pulse News during a 10 week "launch pad" course at Stanford University.

This app is free and you can download it here – I must admit, I use this app everyday.

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