Independence Day 2011 – Interactive Multimedia Book App – For iPad/2


This is an interactive multimedia book, and it will provide you with information relating to Independence Day and also provide you with additional fun content to celebrate the 4th July!

This app retails for $3.99 and you can pick it up here.

Application Features


– 10 base sections about Independence day in US.

– More than 100 pages of structured information about 4 july history and celebration in US, historical materials and hi-res photos of the original sources.

– Learn how to cook special 4th july family recipes of BBQs for Independence day celebration. Recipe have detailed description and hi-res photos.

– Learn history and interesting facts about Independence Day.

– Watch HD videos (up to 720p) about Independence day in app.

– Learn and sing the US anthem for 4 July celebration.

– Learn celebration shedule for 2001 year Independence day in US.

– As additional bonus this App have 10 awesome hi-resolution iPad wallpapers for Independence Day theme.

– Application support all portrait and landscape orientations for you iPad – Keep iPad in your hands as you are comfortable.

– App designed specially for iPad 2 and iPad HD resolution.

– All information is relevant to 2011 year and is not out of date!

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