Massive Sales At Best Buy UK Today On Apple Gear – Don’t Miss These Deals


There are some great bargains to be had at Best Buy UK today, the stores have been closed all weekend as the staff have been preparing for their closing down sale. Look at some of the bargains that we have found, but hurry we’re sure they are all in limited supply.

iPad 2 Smart Cover


Unfortunately all the iPad’s and iPod Touches appear to be out of stock at the moment but there are cool accessories to pick up. You could purchase a blue iPad smart cover for £26.25, instead of £35.00 – just click here.

iPad 2 Dock



Or you can save £6.25 on an iPad 2 dock and pay only £18.75, just click here.

Aperture 3


It’s not all about hardware either, you can save £42.25 and pick up Aperture 3 for only £126.75 today, click here.

Apple MacBook Air 11.6" Laptop – Intel Core i5, 64GB, 2GB Memory



Just add the discount code BBY and pick up this laptop for only £764.10 with free delivery, that’s a saving of £84.90. Click here to buy. Amazon are still selling this for £864.99

Apple MacBook Air 13.3" Laptop – Intel Core i5, 128GB, 4GB Memory



If you’re looking for a larger Air with a bit more grunt, then this should do the trick. With the same promo code applied, you can pick this up for £989.10 all in, that’s a saving of £109.90 – click here to purchase.

Apple/MacBook Air SuperDrive/USB


Perhaps you’d like one of these to go with your Air, you can save £16.00 today and pick one up for only £48.00 – just click here.

Apple 15" MacBook Pro – Quad Core i7, 500GB, 4GB Memory



Perhaps you’d rather go for the larger MacBook Pro, this gorgeous quad core i7 normally costs £1,549.00, you can pick it up today for only £1,394.99, that’s with a saving of £154.90 – click here to purchase.

Apple 17" MacBook Pro – Quad Core i7, 750GB, 4GB Memory


If you can afford to go all out, then why not go for the monster 17inch MacBook Pro, with 750GB hard drive, usually it retails for £2099.00 but today with the promotion applied you can save £209.90 and pick it up for £1889.10 – just click here to do so.

Apple iMac 21.5" MC812B/A – Intel Core i5, 1TB, 4GB Memory Model


If it’s a desktop that you’re after, then this baby might do the trick. Normally retailing for £1249.00 today you can save £124.90 and pick it up for £1,124.10 – click here

Apple iMac 27" MC814B/A – Intel Core i5 3.1GHz, 1TB, 4GB Memory


If the larger 27inch screen is more your style, then you can save £164.90 today and pick this one up for £1,484.10 – just click here.

Apple M9179B/A 30" HD Cinema Monitor


Perhaps you’re only after a gorgeous 30inch HD cinema monitor – if so you can save £98 today and pick this up for £881.97 – just click here

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