Daily iOS App Updates

Daily App Digest – December 21, 2011

Latest apps and updates to hit the Apple app store today…



Moog Music today announced the release of Animoog for the Apple iPhone 4 and 4s.  Previously only available for the iPad 1 and 2, Animoog for iPhone is now available on the iTunes App Store at an introductory price of only $.99. After Animoog for iPhone’s promotional pricing period ends, the price will rise to $9.99.

Animoog was the first professional synthesizer designed for Apple’s iPad, and was the first music app in history to reach the number one spot of paid apps on the iTunes App Store on its first day of release. Additionally, Apple named Animoog one of the best iPad music apps of the year in it’s 2011 App Store Rewind.

Animoog was a featured panel topic at Moogfest 2011 in Asheville, NC where artists Moby and Richard Devine discussed how they use it in their music productions, in front of a large audience of Moog fans. Additionally, the band The Flaming Lips performed the solo from the song “Lucky Man” on Animoog, live at Moogfest.

“We are very excited about the release of Animoog for iPhone” said Mike Adams, president and CEO of Moog Music, Inc. “While the hardware is smaller, users can expect the same amazing sound and intuitive user interface. A professional synthesizer now actually fits in your pocket.”




Going back into the skin of John Slade, the most feared intergalactic bounty hunter. There’s a new threat. Enemies are back and John Slade must take an another dangerous mission. What’s new?

Four New Levels:
The story expansions is directly connected to the events of original SHADOWGUN. But now, you can look forward to four new levels! Again, you will fight face to face with cyborgs and  droids, blast genetically-enhanced humanoids and fire aerial drones and other lethal foes into the air.

New Enemy, New Weapon And Even Much More:
Besides the already known enemies, there is new enemy creature that is ready to take you down. While you will face the new madness of Dr. Simon, new weapon will be ready to help.
You can enjoy new graphics, animations and cutscenes that will take your breath away. A new  type of gaming interaction brings new experience of playing and all this against the background of a completely new background music. Datadisc is equipped with a completely  new soundtrack.

New Or Improved Content In General:
Datadisc also brings many new components that appear in the original version. In addition to traditionally professional console-quality graphics and advanced lighting effects you can enjoy new features, such as camera shake due to explosions, bullet trails.
All original SHADOWGUN lovers will surely be delighted with new control element – Roll, which enables the players to make rolls.

Even Better Gaming Experience:
With datadisc, SHADOWGUN is now even better. "We just wanted to give some really gorgeous Xmas present to all our fans," agreed whole Madfinger team. Datadisc brings tuned difficulty, weapons and enemies.

Hungry Turtle


RealObjects announces Hungry Turtle, a new physics puzzle game for iPhone that combines proven mechanics with brand new elements in a unique way. Use three tools to help the cute turtle reach the apples it loves so much – through over 80 challenging levels: use the saw to cut ropes, split wood and steel, hammer and nail to fix moving things or to create new pivot points and finally, the "drop tool" where you drop a variety of items and geometric shapes to stuff holes and trigger see-saws.

Apply these tools to clear a path for the turtle by simple touch gestures. Only through clever combination of all available tools can you guide the Hungry Turtle successfully to its goal: the red apple at the end of each level. The various materials and mechanisms such as conveyor belts, balances and catapults create diverse and tricky brainteases, that test your problem-solving skills and require increasingly creative solutions.

Scoring is based on a race against the clock and the amount of tools used. Only achieving a perfect score awards the ultimate rating of 3 apples. This provides an additional challenge even for seasoned puzzle veterans and guarantees long-term replayability.

The first update for Hungry Turtle is planned for early 2012 and is scheduled to include Game Center support and achievements, additional levels, in-app purchases for additional level packs and other items.


Panda & Jam


Targeting LLC, a burgeoning new mobile applications development firm, has today announced the launch of Panda & Jam for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Panda & Jam is a family friendly arcade survival adventure where players control a cute little panda as he goes as far as he can collecting jam and avoiding enemies and obstacles in his path. The gamer’s Panda starts out fit and fast but needs to avoid fattening bamboo snacks along the way. Eat too much bamboo, you’ll simply get too fat to move, and it’s game over! The game puts players’ reflexes and hand-eye coordination to the test, and offers enough addicting mobile action to keep them entertained for hours. Panda & Jam is currently available for download on the Apple App Store for free in the Games category.

Guiding the Panda to collect as much berries as it can in order to make jam may sound easy as pie at first, but Panda & Jam ensures this simple task isn’t as easy or slow as it sounds. The user’s Panda can only keep moving forward and collecting berries if it’s fit. Jumping over delicious yet fattening bamboo shoots is crucial to staying alive. Our fluffy black and white hero can’t resist the urge to snack on ’em, and one too many bamboo lunches will spell certain disaster! The game includes vibrant kid-friendly graphics, and supports a wide variety of different global languages to ensure that almost anyone can play along regardless of where they’re from.

A classic side-scrolling game survival romp at its core, Panda & Jam offers much more than mindless "run and jump"  action. The game utilizes intuitively simple  and highly responsive gaming controls, and puts players face to face with a diverse array of enemies as they progress ever further through the game. These bandit’s include Rabbits and other woodland animals, who are out to steal the player’s hard earned berries. Scaring them out of their wits is the only way to keep these cuddly little thieves out of the Panda’s way, and it’s up to the player to do so before it’s too late! It’s not solely a down hill battle though. To help weary gamers out, the game offers the occasional bonus mushroom, a valuable item that has the power to slim down fattening pandas and keep them moving forward. With addicting gameplay and an overall feel that is sure to attract mobile gamers both young and old alike, Panda & Jam is one arcade romp that’s worth taking a look at.

Bah Humbug


Mobobo Releases its First Arcade Action Game on App Store, for iPhone and iPad. Bah Humbug is a Brand New Game from the World’s Most advanced Talking App Developer, featuring a very grumpy Santa that hates Christmas, hates snow, and hates you!

Swipe across the screen to melt the snowballs before they hit the grumpy Santa and cover him in snow! Watch out for bombs and big snowballs that split into smaller ones!

Features a hilariously grumpy speech and a thumping rock version of "Hark the Herald Angels Sing" by Oswald and the Herringbones.

Not only all this, but when not playing the Game, it Features a Fully Functional Talking app with Cutting Edge Graphics and Voice Technology, talk to the Bah Humbug and he’ll repeat back what you say in a deep voice! Poke him, tickle him and knock him over – and listen to his reactions!

* Full retina support on IPhone 4/4S and IPod Touch 4G
* Gorgeous HD Graphics on IPad and IPad 2
* Stunning real-time 3D graphics with shadows and stunning special FX!
* Smooth animations with 100s of character frames
* Advanced voice morphing technology



DressApp 1.0, a brand new smart fashion dress up game was recently launched on Apple’s App Store. To celebrate its launch, the developers behind DressApp are holding a Grand App Launch Party hosted by the renowned Smart Apps For Kids site. Smart Apps For Kids is a resourceful app review site with a unique perspective. $200 in iTunes Gift Cards will be given away in celebration of the app launch.

DressApp features four supermodels from the leading fashion capitals of the world. Dress up each supermodel in style. Then recognize and complete patterns using their latest fashion collection. DressApp allows the player to capture photos and email the latest designs from within the app. Beware you are timed against the clock. The game also includes global leaderboards with Apple Game Center that adds competitive edge. DressApp is a universal app designed for iPhone, iPod touch and plays in HD on the iPad.




Wave, the developer of Flare for iPhone, today is pleased to announce Process 1.1.1, a real-time image editing app for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. A photographer, filmmaker, and avid post-processing aficionado known for the first true HDR video technique, developer Alaric Cole was not impressed with the state of the current iPhone photo editing applications. The fatal flaw of many of them was the plethora of progress bars and waiting screens. Believing the iPhone to be all about instant gratification, the developer built Process with the goal of never making you wait, or getting in your way.

In Process, every adjustment made, such as contrast, saturation, white balance, or exposure, is displayed immediately. Moving a slider or selecting a color displays the change in real-time. Built on Core Image and OpenGL, Process is made for speed. Even saving an 8 megapixel photo to the Camera Roll is instantaneous. In fact, it’s sometimes unsettling how fast things can be, as iPhone users have grown accustomed to the slow "processing" screens of Hipstamatic and other previous-generation photo apps.

There’s no history or undo in Process, because any change is able to be modified, disabled, or removed in a non-linear fashion. Process is completely non-destructive, and multiple versions of an original can be saved or shared.

Daring Fireball said, "It’s apps like Process that make today’s camera market so fascinating." Process is the new breed of image post-processing apps for mobile.


Print n Share Pro


EuroSmartz, the Number One Apple(R) iPad(R) & iPhone(R) print app development company, today announced that Print n Share Pro has been put on special offer and the price reduced by 50% for a limited time over the holiday period.

Print n Share Pro is the most full featured document and printing app available on the app store. It combines all of the functionality of the many printing apps on the app store, and means customers no longer need to buy a new printer just to be able to print from an iPad or iPhone.

Secure Multi-User Access:
Print n Share Pro is still the first and only app that enables secure multi-user accounts or "Profiles". This means individuals and businesses sharing the same iPad can have private, separate email accounts as well as exclusive access to web pages & documents stored within Print n Share Pro.

PDF Conversion:
Another powerful feature of Print n Share Pro is the PDF conversion facility built into the app. This means it is fast and easy to convert a document, web page or email into a PDF from within Print n Share Pro. Printing and PDF conversion from other apps has also been included. By simply using the "Open in…" function from other iPad or iPhone apps – documents and files can quickly be transferred and printed, or converted to a PDF with just 3 taps! Once a PDF is created it can be emailed, printed or transferred to a Mac, PC or other apps.

Document Management:
Print n Share Pro remains the leading document management app available on the app store today. With wide ranging support for PDF display, reading and printing, through to the ability to open, view, print and convert Office & iWork files – Print n Share Pro stands alone in document management field. Print n Share Pro also enables the easy transfer of documents to and from your PC or Mac over the "air" using a wireless network.

All Jacked Up


ArchSquare today is pleased to announce the release of All Jacked Up 1.0, their new entertainment app for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, it’s true. Shake Weight might be out-stroked by the iPhone app "All Jacked Up".

You too can have all the benefits Shake Weight offers with added bonuses:
* Fits in your pocket without the bulge
* Let your date use it to see if there’s any chemistry and favorable techniques
* Keep your boss busy while he waits for you to finish off the TPS reports
* Easily performed while waiting in line behind an old lady who is writing a check for a pack of gum
* Shareable in a "circle" of friends – sometimes not socially acceptable

But wait, there’s more….

* Cost for the Shake Weight – $30
* Cost for the "All Jacked Up" app – 99 cents
* Cost for getting the same sensation – Priceless


Defen-G Astro White


innodis, a leading app development company based in South Korea, released a new edition of their popular app game Defen-G Astro called Defen-G Astro White. This special edition version of the game is completely redesigned with Christmas and holiday-style graphics, and features exclusive giveaways once certain stages are completed. The game takes place in a town covered in heavy snow, complete with a Christmas Tree, Santa Clause, and Rudolf.

innodis says the intent behind the game is to celebrate the holidays. "We want to give users a dose of holiday cheer," says the Defen-G Astro Marketing Team. "Whether that’s to pass their semester exam, to get a certain job, or for love and friendship."

Along with the new edition, innodis has also released an artistic infographic called "Blizzard of Defen-G Astro" that breaks down the details of the Defen-G games. The infographic describes the plot, characters, statistics, and more information about Defen-G.

In keeping with the Christmas spirit, the game can be downloaded for free. To support their fan base, Defen-G has a Facebook page and YouTube Channel which they update regularly.

The infographic and game have come out just in time for the holidays. innodis has more upgrades, games and apps coming soon. To see all of Defen-G apps, visit the innodis page in iTunes.

Three Trees


Studio Pepwuper (pronounced Pep-Woo-Per) announces a special update to celebrate the holidays for its iPhone/iPad game "Three Trees", a popular environmental puzzle game for the whole family on Apple iTunes App Store.

In this special Christmas update, the game will include new Christmas trees for all players to grow, a long with updated graphics for ornaments, snow, and most important of all, presents!

In "Three Trees", players need to balance the three forces of nature, water, air, and the sun by swiping them across the screen. Each force creates excess waste, as well as canceling each other out. The player is tasked to keep the forces in equilibrium while growing the three trees in the game.


Arthur Christmas Movie Storybook


zuuka, publishers of the iTalk entertainment Apps and iStoryTime, the largest library of mobile children’s book Apps, is proud to announce an amazing year of growth, including having nine of its iOS storybooks top the App Store charts in the book category in 2011 such as Kung Fu Panda 2, The Smurfs Movie Storybook and Puss In Boots Movie Storybook. Among them is also one of zuuka’s original creations, Mika’s Adventure.

Ensuring fans of iStoryTime books are able to enjoy these popular titles regardless of their mobile device, zuuka has expanded much of its library beyond the iOS platform to include Barnes & Noble’s NOOKColor, Amazon’s Kindle Fire and other popular Android-based mobile devices, Apples iBookstore and Barnes and Noble’s Nook Kids platform.

"We believe it’s important to open our digital library to as many families as possible," said Susanne Busshart, founder of zuuka. "Our strategy of having a unified process for delivery on all platforms allows us to quickly and efficiently release products on all relevant markets. We’re proud to have ample evidence of having executed on our vision for both our own products as well as for publishers and content owners."

In 2011, zuuka also furthered its global reach of its award-winning library of over 130 children’s books available in 80 countries to include language localization in English, German, Spanish, French, Korean, Chinese and Russian. This allowed zuuka to further cement their leadership with over 1 million new downloads in 2011, and over 700,000 in the second half alone.

"zuuka’s partnership with CFP & Founders Investments earlier this year allowed us to expand our in-house studio in order to react to the extreme demand for our award-winning digital children’s storybooks as well as launch our iTalk entertainment app label, zuuka comics and expand our platform support," said Graham Farrar, founder of zuuka. "Having multiple No. 1 digital storybooks across the globe speaks to the quality that our team is able to produce under one roof. Needless to say, we’re very proud of our team."


Lola’s Beach Puzzle Lite


Today, children’s favorite Lola Panda celebrates her two-year-old birthday. BeiZ released the very first Lola Panda game of the popular children game family exactly two years ago. Since then, four more educational and non-violent Lola Panda games have followed, entertaining children between 3 to 8 years old. To celebrate the special occasion, BeiZ is now arranging an exciting iTunes Gift card giveaway for all the Lola Panda fans.

It was 2009 when Lola Panda made her first appearance. Ever since, Lola’s character and the Lola Panda games themselves have evolved with each new game. "A lot has happened for Lola just in two years. With the valuable feedback we’ve got from the parents, we’ve been able to make the games better and better each time: more  educational yet even more fun games for kids. Now we’ve already published five Lola games and more are coming." says Mika Heikinheimo, CEO of BeiZ.

As Lola Panda’s birthday present, BeiZ will be giving away two $25 iTunes Gift cards. To be entered to win an iTunes Gift card, participants just need to download the latest free Lola Panda game Lola’s Beach Puzzle Lite and follow the short and simple instructions presented in the BeiZ’s website. Two lucky winners will be randomly selected among the participants.


Fractal 3D


Nuclear Nova Software today announces Fractal 3D for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. This is Nuclear Nova’s second graphics and media app on iOS, and is on sale during the first week for $1.99 USD (Reg. $4.99). Fractal 3D is a powerful tool for generating and exploring fractals such as the Mandelbrot and Julia sets. The 2D view allows for easy surveying and customization, while the 3D view captures spectacular images that can be exported at up to 16 megapixel resolution. Multi-processor support and an OpenGL powered renderer allow for blazing fast speed.

With double precision 64-bit mathematics, Fractal 3D is capable of resolving detailed images up to an incredible 1,000,000,000,000x magnification level! To give perspective, a single atom of carbon magnified one trillion times would be longer than two football fields. Each fractal is fully customizable and changes happening in real time. First adjust the fractal set type, equation power/ constants, iterations, resolution, color scheme, and smoothing options. Once the fractal is rendered it can be explored with intuitive panning and zooming controls. After a place of interest is found, customize the 3D view by rotating the fractal, moving the camera, and adjusting the lighting. Due to the nature of fractals, the number of unique patterns to be found is limitless. Use the rendered images for desktop wallpaper, printed artwork, or just enjoy the beauty of exploring one of a kind images created by pure mathematics.

Fractal information from Wikipedia – A fractal has been defined as "a rough or fragmented geometric shape that can be split into parts, each of which is (at least approximately) a reduced-size copy of the whole," a property called self-similarity. The term fractal was coined by Benot Mandelbrot in 1975 and was derived from the Latin fr?ctus meaning "broken" or "fractured." A mathematical fractal is based on an equation that undergoes iteration, a form of feedback based on recursion. There are several examples of fractals, which are defined as portraying exact self-similarity, quasi self-similarity, or statistical self-similarity. While fractals are a mathematical construct, they are found in nature, which has led to their inclusion in artwork. They are useful in medicine, soil mechanics, seismology, and technical analysis.




Today we released our new iPhone/iPad app called "Promotr for flickr". It is now available on the App Store. Promotr is a tool to view your photos on flickr to a larger audience. It utilizes a powerful batch processing engine, to add your photos to fitting groups and sets, and tag them with corresponding keywords.

This app is immediately available on the App Store.

How Does It Work?
The most common tasks to get your pictures to be seen on flickr, is to add them to groups, tag them with appropriate keywords, and add them to sets. With "Promotr" you can combine these three tasks in a so called action. And best of all you can run several of these actions on a selection of several of your photos in a batch.

An action can include hundreds of groups, sets and tags. So with just one click you can add several of your photos to several groups and sets, plus add some tags to them.

The creation of actions is designed as easy as possible. Simply select from the list of groups you are subscribed to, select from your sets and make a list of all the tags you want to have added. Tap save and you are ready to go.


Fractions. Smart Pirate


Virtualnye Prostranstva LLC,developing fun educational apps for kids, is proud to announce that its new app "Fractions. Smart Pirate" for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch is now available in the App Store.

"Fractions. Smart Pirate" is geared for 8-11 year-olds. The app teaches children to read, compare, find equivalent and add fractions in a fun and easy way. Kids will master math skills after visiting four separate beautifully drawn and animated islands. "Fractions. Smart Pirate" uses a friendly pirate character, nice music and interactive activities designed to engage little ones and facilitate their mastering of  math. It is the fun and interesting way to learn fractions.

* Offers four unique games designed to be both fun and interesting in order to learn fractions
* Provides fun and easy way of learning
* Contains three difficulty levels in each game
* Kid-friendly charecters and voices  make learning fun, engaging and memorable
* Training mode given at the beginning of each game
* Lively music and amazing sounds effects accompanying each game

Globe Tipper


Vapssky Technologies, an established mobile application and games developer, has today announced the launch of Globe Tipper in the Apple App Store. Compatible with the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch, Globe Tipper is a multipurpose travel tool that allows users to split bills, check worldwide tipping customs, and calculate currency exchanges. Globe Tipper is currently available for download in the Apple App Store for $0.99 in the Travel category.

Travelers on-the-move need information at their fingertips, and Globe Tipper provides tipping and exchange rate data in one handy package. Globe Tipper has recommendations on how much to tip waitstaff and bellhops in 70 of the world’s most frequently visited countries, so globetrotters never have to wonder whether they’re offending the locals or getting taken for a ride.

Furthermore, Globe Tipper has access to every internationally-recognized currency in the world, and users can create personal lists of the currencies most relevant to them. Every time that Globe Tipper is opened while the user’s device is connected to the internet, Globe Tipper updates the user’s exchange rates from Yahoo! Finance. This update takes place in the background and ensures that users have the most up-to-date information while enjoying fast, delay-free service on their iOS devices.

While Globe Tipper is great for travel, many users will get the most out of this app in their hometowns. Globe Tipper’s tip calculator allows users to determine restaurant tips based on the tip percentage of their choosing, and this app’s bill split functions divide restaurant bills with as much simplicity or sophistication as users desire. Globe Tipper can divide restaurant bills evenly or by item, and additional options allow users to allocate shared items among groups and to adjust an individual party’s contribution to the meal.

GoDocs for Google Docs


lightroomapps., a burgeoning mobile applications developer focused on designing lifestyle solutions for the iOS platform, has today announced the recent update of GoDocs for Google Docs(TM) for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch devices running on iOS 4.2 or later. GoDocs is a universal productivity solution that gives it’s users practical, streamlined, and perhaps most importantly, fully featured access to their Google Docs(TM) accounts from right through their iPhones or other iOS devices. Newly overhauled and enhanced, GoDocs version 2.8.0 offers more productivity features, added functionalities. Numerous minor bugs have been resolved to improve overall app performance and iOS 5 support has been added too. Ostensibly useful, GoDocs for Google Docs(TM) version 2.8.0 is currently available for download on the Apple App Store for $4.99 in the Productivity category.

Google’s cloud based office suite, Google Docs(TM), is one of the most comprehensive document creation, sharing, and editing solutions available today. GoDocs provides iOS full access to this powerful system without sacrificing any functionality or ease of use. From creating spreadsheets and text documents, to sharing slide shows, PDF Documents and more, this app makes viewing, editing, and managing Google Docs(TM) on the iOS devices as simple as it would be on a laptop or Google enabled device. Committed to ensuring that GoDocs continues to be the premiere Google Docs(TM) utility on the App Store, its developers have just unveiled a new wave of improvements.



Mobe Labb is pleased to announce the release and immediate availability of the updated version ofStopSanta for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. This challenging word game features winter, snow and Santa while delivering an addictive experience and festive fun with tons of replay value. The game suits perfectly for both kids and parents.

StopSanta is designed to light up users’ Christmas mood with fun and joy. It’s a testing blend of excitement and challenge with a lot of educational value where users are offered to help Santa to restore the list of Christmas presents. Even those who don’t like Christmas will be delighted to play this highly addictive game where Santa is shown from a different side, not a kind and generous one.

The game is casual-friendly but challenging enough for core gamers. The gameplay gains complexity and nuance as you progress. This fun and addictive game brings a lot of entertainment and is a perfect gift for the whole family.


Timetable Pad Mini


App Sublime today announced the release of Timetable Pad Mini for iPhone and iPod touch, following on from the success of Timetable Pad for iPad.

Timetable Pad Mini is an elegant and straightforward way for students to keep track of their school or uni timetables. After easily entering in their schedule’s details Timetable Pad Mini will become a student’s ‘go-to’ guide for knowing when and where their studies take place, right on their favourite iDevice.

Features Include:
* Notes – Jot down assignment details and other important tasks.
* Text Suggestion – For quicker text entry (subject titles and room numbers).
* Class highlighting – Easily identify subjects by colour.
* Full seven day week (optional) – For those that must study weekends.
* Two week timetable, week A & B (optional) – For those with an alternating schedules.

Timetable Pad Mini is truly special not only due to its great design and implementation, but also because it was built based largely on feedback received from Timetable Pad for iPad – resulting in an app of a very high standard that has been tailored around people’s needs.


Meme Kart


Rocket Splash Games Inc. today is pleased to announce the launch of Meme Kart, a new kart racer for the iPhone and iPod touch. This racer features eight of the most popular meme characters, re-imagined  for a mobile generation. Complete with a nostalgic feel, this game is similar to the amazing kart racers of the 1990’s. Join your favorite meme characters across 12 tracks, four Gran Prix’s and battle it out on the track using special abilities. Meme Kart is available now on the iTunes App Store.

Join Courage Wolf, Advice Dog, Hipster Kitty, Inglip Minion, Insanity Wolf, O Rly Owl, Socially Awkward Penguin and Longcat in the race of the forever! Race across twelve different tracks with your favorite racers. Complete four different Gran Prix’s and additional mirror mode for each Gran Prix’s as well.

Battle it out to race ahead of your enemies using fireballs, oil spills, lightning and other abilities you pick up. Gameplay has been developed so the game is easy to pick up, but difficult to master. Three different difficulty settings are included to help all players succeed, yet create a challenge for themselves. Play through many different race modes, including Gran Prix, Mirror Mode Gran Prix, Time Trial Mode and Free Play Mode.


The Card Studio


Today, Pepper.pk, a leading mobile applications company announced the holiday special of its card making application for the iPhone and iPad. The app is called The Card Studio and is a simple and beautifully designed card making application. It allows you to make ‘handmade cards’ from the comfort of your chair and without the mess.

The Card Studio is designed for crafters by crafters and is fun to play with. Choose from various themed design packs that contain solid and patterned paper, embellishments and greetings. Get the look of a handmade card without leaving the comfort of your couch this holiday season. Choose from several Christmas and holiday season packs to get the look that you want for your card.

With various new design packs on their way, scheduled to be integrated into the product over the next month, The Card Studio promises to be a compelling, must-have entertainment application for every iPad/iPhone owner.

The application runs on the iPhone and iPad and requires iOS 3.0 or later. The application is currently available for free as a gift for all iOS users this festive holiday season. Download the application for free today and start your holiday card making adventures.

Pepper.pk continues to develop many more apps for the holiday season. One of which includes Skitrix- A unique word game which combines falling block game and word making board game. It was featured at No.9 in Word games and No.32 in Family Games on iTunes. Pepper.pk has also released Christmas Puzzles, Christmas Frames and Christmas Radio, a combination of apps every family needs to enjoy the holiday spirit.


Santa’s Coloring Book


Twigsbury today is proud to announce the app, Santa’s Coloring Book – available now for the iPad. Santa’s Coloring Book features illustrations by the Kersten Brothers Studio. Enjoy 10 free holiday coloring pages that you can color, save, and share. 44 colored pencils, and Twigsbury’s innovative "stay in the lines" feature, make coloring with your finger fun.

The app includes custom recordings of 12 classic holiday melodies. "The music is quaint and festive." said Brian. "I love hearing my daughters hum along as they puzzle away. And, perhaps more importantly, I don’t get unnerved after listening my kids play it for an hour."

Feature Highlights:
* Color "in the lines" with our innovative new coloring book
* 10 jolly holiday pictures to color
* Unlock up to 20 additional holiday pictures for even more fun
* 44 festive colored pencils to choose from
* Catch the Christmas spirit with beautiful holiday music that plays while you color
* Save your colored picture to your photos
* Share your masterpiece via email



iScheduling allows individuals and teams to schedule meetings with a group of Microsoft Exchange users and then searches to find times when everyone is available. iScheduling is highly customizable allowing users to set parameters and guidelines modifying preferences for individual personalization.

"Imagine being able to walk out of a sales call and schedule a cross departmental meeting of 8 people to work on a proposal that needs to happen in the next two days. You don’t have to wait until you get back to the office and boot up Outlook. Now you can just use your iPad or iPhone and let iScheduling do the work of finding available times and sending the invites for you, whenever and wherever you need. That’s the power of iScheduling", says Richard Schramm, CTO of Vora Labs.


Tillie’s Time Shop


Tillie’s Time Shop, an educational application that teaches children how to tell time, is now available in the iTunes Store. An interactive, story-based app, Tillie’s Time Shop features engaging characters and lively narration. Players meet Tillie, a cat who builds and fixes clocks in Tick Tock Town, and her helper, Sam, an enthusiastic but inexperienced mouse who needs the player’s help to fix and pack the clocks.

Tillie’s Time Shop has 11 screens to explore. On each screen, there are many things to do: open doors, interact with the characters, and find hidden surprises. Three of the screens contain full activities. "Day and Night" lets players move the hands of the town clock to see the sun and moon rise and set over Tick Tock Town (or move the sun and moon, and watch the clock hands move to the corresponding time). In "Build a Clock," players help Tillie fix clocks by placing the numbers in the correct locations around the dial. And in "The Factory," players pack clocks into the appropriate boxes, matching the analog time on the clock with the digital time on the box, with encouragement and commentary from Sam.

Tillie’s Time Shop introduces children to all of the crucial components of telling time. Players learn about time of day (daytime and nighttime, sunrise and sunset, morning and afternoon, noon and midnight), where the numbers are located on an analog clock, and how to match analog times to the equivalent digital times. Tillie’s Time Shop also supports reading skills. As each word is spoken by the narrator, the text on the screen is highlighted so children can follow along. (These features are also included to support players with special needs.)


KIDiLEARN Russian Alphabet


Ingengo today is proud to introduce KIDiLEARN Russian Alphabet – an educational game for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch helping Russian-speaking children learn the Russian letters and sounds using tested interactive learning methodologies. The app covers a range of skills from recognizing and finding the letters on a keyboard for the younger children to recognizing the sound of the first letter of a word, and finally finding a missing letter, suitable for kids starting to read in Russian.

The app includes three games. The first game, "Know Your Letters", teaches kids to recognize letters displayed on the screen and named by the narrator. A letter is displayed and the narrator asks to find that letter on the keyboard. Once the correct letter is found, a picture of an object that starts with that letter is shown and its name is pronounced. This game familiarizes kids with the alphabet.

The second game, "Find the First Letter", makes the association between a word’s first letter and its sound. Here, a picture of an object is shown and the narrator pronounces the name of the object and asks the player to tap on the first letter of the word. This game is more challenging, as it asks the child to separate the first sound of the word, associate it with a letter, and then find that letter on the keyboard. This game teaches children to identify the letter sounds.

The third game, "Find the Missing Letter", asks players to fill in the missing letter in short common words, once again connecting the sound of the word with its spelling. This game is the most difficult of all, since children have to identify all of the sounds of the word, associate each sound with a letter, find which sound is missing and its corresponding letter. This game prepares children for reading. The latter two games have easy and difficult modes, allowing the player to find the correct letter either among only seven letters or the whole alphabet.

Throughout the game, a friendly narrator provides encouragement for both correct and incorrect answers. In fact, making mistakes may result in faster learning because of the way the player interacts with the game. The player has three attempts to answer a question, after which the right answer is given. When the correct letter is selected, visual and verbal confirmation re-enforces the learning. Similarly, if the selected letter is incorrect, it is still pronounced by the narrator, thus providing the necessary verbal feedback and an extra opportunity to memorize the letter that was just touched.


Cinderella by BST for iPhone


Big Small Things today is pleased to introduce Cinderella by BST for iPhone, their new, 49-page Book that brings the classic tale of Cinderella to life through the magic of iPhone. Featuring expressive, museum quality watercolor paintings, interactive animation, professional narration, built-in puzzles, and four different languages for text and narration, the ebook was designed to be the most beautiful of all the Cinderella stories for iOS. The ebook is Retina display ready, and offers three reading modes: Read to Me, Read it Myself, and Auto Play. Read in landscape orientation, each self-illuminated page contains so much detail that readers will find additional layers of graphical and emotional content with every reading. Some pages include both independent and interactive animation, and others only user-activated, interactive animation.

Each page of the book has a tiny curl in the lower right corner for touch-activated page turns. A variety of watercolor papers are used: very fine texture for the King and palace, medium rough for wide angle scenes, and very rough for close-ups and outdoor scenes. Some paintings are rough around their perimeter and smooth inside. Great care has been taken in creating and reproducing these expressive paintings, whose depth heightens the feelings aroused by this classic story. There is a sense of dramatic reality that cannot be duplicated with computer graphics, gradients, and shadows. The painting style is highly realistic for a children’s book, though facial expressions and points of view are exaggerated.

Readers are encouraged to explore each page with their fingers. There are no hints or indications, but on every page, the reader can interact with the paintings. A small weather vane may be made to rotate, a cat squeal, a head bow, a clock’s hands move, particles of magic dust appear. Even complex animations can be activated by touching the right part of the page. The illustrations on many pages are also jigsaw puzzles, as indicated by a small puzzle piece icon on the bottom of the page. Unlike many such puzzles, these are of moderate difficulty with 20 pieces each. Pieces lock into place even if no connecting pieces are nearby. Once dragged on to the board, pieces rotate to their correct orientation.


Serving Sizer Recipe Cards Pro for iPad


Holiday cooking is the occasion for bringing out the bulging folder of family recipes, or for thumbing through your recipe rolodex for that special dish. Sometimes finding that one recipe is like finding a needle in a haystack. Plus, this year Aunt Margaret is bringing her brother and his wife – will you have enough food? This is where Serving Sizer Recipe Cards comes in.

Quickly locate all your favorite recipes on your iPad with your new recipe eFile and then scale them to a different serving size from year to year. With Serving Sizer Recipe Cards you get SmartScaling(tm) – the recipes are scaled by serving size, then optimized to reasonable measures you would use in the kitchen, a main strength of Serving Sizer.

Serving Sizer(tm) Recipe Cards has a brand new beautiful design and user interface – a virtual recipe rolodex on your iPad. Personalize each recipe with its own custom designed card or background color. Quickly find that recipe by searching by ingredient, category, or name, or just flip through the rolodex until a recipe catches your eye. Add a photo, pick a card style, then go into Cooking Mode – the screen won’t turn off and you can increase the text size for easy reading while cooking.

Magnetic Billiards: Blueprint


Magnetic Billiards: Blueprint, the critically acclaimed #1 hit sports / puzzle game for iOS, has been made free for the duration of the Christmas holidays as a present from developers and veteran game designers The Pickford Bros. John Pickford and Ste Pickford have donned Santa Claus hats and dyed their famous beards white to spread Christmas cheer to new and existing iOS device owners around the globe.

"We hope that Magnetic Billiards: Blueprint will the first game installed on Christmas morning by those people lucky enough to unwrap a shiny new iPad or iPhone," said co-designer John Pickford, "and if it is, there’s a danger it will be the only game they install that day, as they become instantly addicted," he added.

The Pickford Bros have been hard at work on a major new update to Magnetic Billiards: Bluepint containing several new features such as Replay and Undo, 40 new tables featuring Pegs and Struts, and two ‘Prototypes’ for Skeleton Key owners which show off early versions of a new Arcade mode, Squish, and a whole new game concept, I Sent My Monkey To The Moon.

"The new update should be ready early in the new year, with improvements and new content for everyone, as well as some special treats for Skeleton Key owners," said co-designer Ste Pickford. "In fact, we’re adding so much new content – all of which Skeleton Key owners get for free – that we’re going to have to increase the price of the Skeleton Key when version 2.0 launches, " he continued, "so anyone considering purchasing the Skeleton Key should grab it now while it’s still at a low price."

This Day in Bob Dylan


The team at This Day In Music Apps have brought you two Apps so far by the two biggest classic rock groups ˆ Pink Floyd and Led Zeppelin, both of which have been a huge hit with fans. We wanted to make our third App a celebration of a solo artist, and Bob Dylan was the obvious choice.

Dylan became a huge influence on The Beatles, especially Lennon, and later Bob and George Harrison became very close friends. Other acts acknowledged to have felt Dylan‚s influence include Pete Townshend, Neil Young, Bruce Springsteen, David Bowie, Bryan Ferry, Nick Cave, Patti Smith, Syd Barrett, Cat Stevens, Joni Mitchell and Tom Waits. More than 3,000 artists have covered Dylan songs, and his influence can still be heard today in modern music ˆ just listen to Mumford & Sons.

Steve Jobs‚ biographer has stated that Dylan’s words „struck chords of creative thinking‰ in Jobs, who finally met Dylan when the singer was playing near Palo Alto in October of 2004. "We sat on the patio outside his room and talked for two hours," said Jobs. "I was really nervous, because he was one of my heroes, and I was also afraid that he wouldn’t be really smart anymore, but I was delighted. He was everything I’d hoped."

They met up the next time that Dylan came through town, and Jobs told him that his favorite song was "One Too Many Mornings‰, only for Dylan to play it that night. "He’s one of my all-time heroes," said Jobs. "My love for him has grown over the years, it’s ripened. I can’t figure out how he did it when he was so young."

The core of the App is the Dylan daily diary, documenting his gigs, recording sessions, single and album releases, awards and much more. As befits a man who‚s released so many classic albums, his set lists are ever-changing, constantly being adapted to suit his current view.



ONYX Apps today is pleased to introduce Retro-Fi 1.0 for iOS, their Music app that transforms music through real-time DSP, adding variable amounts of vintage AM radio effects. Listeners can enjoy nostalgic sounds from their iOS Music app, an online radio station, or a Podcast, as Retro-Fi alters the pristine digital audio into the authentic sound of noisy, low-fi, analog, AM radio. On launch, the app significantly reduces the frequency response and dynamic range, and two sliders control the amounts of static and IM distortion added. For those who loved listening to rock’n roll on tiny transistor radios, those who find modern digital audio too clean, and those who want to create a retro mood with music, Retro-Fi is the solution.

Retro-Fi is not an audiophile app designed to restore to digital the warmth and smoothness of analog recordings. Rather, it is a time machine, constructed to take listeners back to a time when the most common way of hearing the latest hit music was AM radio. The music of that time included many styles and sounds, but the way the music sounded was always the same, owing to the limitations of the medium.

Now, Retro-Fi brings back that classic sound, allowing any music or programming to be heard as it was in the days before color TV, the Walkman, home computers, and handheld mobile devices. At launch in portrait orientation, the app displays an extreme close-up of an antique, circa 1940 AM/Shortwave radio receiver, glowing with golden light. Immediately, any audio playing on the iDevice takes on the characteristic AM sound. Frequency response is reduced from 20 – 20,000 Hz down to 300 – 3,000 Hz. Dynamic range drops from 100 db down to 40 db. Even listening on an iPhone’s small built-in speaker, the change is unmistakable.




ToonPAINT is the popular smart painting  application that allows you to easily create awesome looking Cartoons with your own photos. Simply import a photo to automatically create a sketch of the photo, either add your own paint or choose automatic colorization and now tap the ‘Press Your Art’ button on the save screen to get your Cartoon turned into t-shirts, mouse pads, key chains and many other products.

PCWorld, 5 Stars: "Creating cartoon-like portraits is easy with this well-designed app."

MacWorld, 5 Mice: "I was really impressed with the quality of the results I got using ToonPaint. Not only did the images look awesome, but creating them was both easy and fun."

BusinessWeek: "If you’ve ever wanted to create a cartoon-style image of yourself but don’t have the time or artistic skill to make it happen, you should check out ToonPaint. Developed by Toon-FX, ToonPaint makes it very easy to create those really cool cartoon images you’ve seen in places such as the movie A Scanner Darkly or those Charles Schwab television ads."

AppShouter: "I love any app that really lets me be creative and fun and this app has to be one of the best. ToonPAINT takes your photos and turns them into sketches, which you then get to paint! This app is actually very good at what it does and that truly impressed me, because unlike other apps that give you a blurred randomized product of your picture, the result from ToonPaint was easily recognizable and looked great."


Happy Talking Santa HD


iOS users looking to add some magic to their holiday season can find all fun and festivity they desire with Happy Talking Santa HD, the charming, animated and interactive new 3D virtual Santa app for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

Designed by an all-star team of seasoned game, software, and media professionals who have held key positions at Disney’s ImageMovers Digital, Lucasfilm Animation, Industrial Light and Magic and Electronic Arts, Happy Talking Santa HD lets iOS users of all ages meet Santa and and:

* Speak to him, and listen as he repeats what he hears
* Tickle and watch to him giggle like the proverbial "bowl full of jelly" Throw snowballs at his jolly, hard-to-miss frame
* Gently nudge him awake when he falls asleep
* Play tunes on his keyboard
* Make it snow by shaking the device
* And much more

Users can also take a photo with jolly old Santa, have him change his pose with the tap of a finger, and email the photo to a friend.




If you spend a lot of time driving or making a dozen of calls a day, iCaller from InLogic is a new utility you really need. Besides, the application will suit everyone, who appreciates comfort, functionality and ease of use of a phone and misses all these things in his or her favorite iPhone!

The utility is an advanced search engine that allows users in a moment to find the necessary person from the contact list and dial his or her number right away. Therefore, this program is especially useful for people driving a car and waiting for the passengers to cross the street. While searching for contacts, you can use T9, one of the most beloved systems of mobile phone users worldwide.

New utility iCaller is fully integrated into the phone book where you can add or change the contacts’ info, as well as create the list of Favorites for quick dialing, adding a photo of your close friends or colleagues to the contact’s name.





Fanzone can be used to research or reference any football club, team or ground. The directory type app provides links to all 92 English Football league club’s official mobile-sites, a club’s Wikipedia page, official Twitter streams, and Facebook pages. It also includes specially produced stadium plans with stand names and Google map directions for travelling fans.

Users can sign in with their social media accounts to interact or tweet with any club. If you have that local derby, check out your opponents before the match and see what they are saying! With such a simple interface, it is easy to underestimate the wealth of information available from within one app. You can even purchase tickets through the official mobile-sites.

Imagine if you live overseas from the UK, now it’s easy to access all areas of the English Football League clubs, even some of the more obscure ones in the lower divisions. This app may also prove useful to sports journalists and social media commentators as a one stop source of useful links!

Angry Piano Season HD


Angry Piano Season HD is a new music game that sees foxes against Ducks, who will get the better? Everything starts with the Christmas season! The goal is to hit all the dishes that come into circles by pressing the corresponding key to the food on the keyboard to the food! Each level requires logic and memory to complete the musical sequences with the fewest mistakes possible.

Feature Highlights:
* 30 levels each season
* Bonus level every season
* Difficulty progressive increase
* 3 stars to reach for each level
* World ranking (Game Center – Leaderboard)
* Lots of trophies to unlock (Game Center – Achievements)
* Music and Loop HD
* Regular updates (Season)
* Facebook, Twitter, YouTube


Animals vs Zombies


‘Animals vs Zombies’ by Bitmor provides brand new game experience on fighting against zombies on iPhone/iPad. The players will have lots of fun working with Bubble Pig, Glasses Mole and some other little cute animals equipped with some very interesting weapons.   

The story begins with a short video of ‘A dark night’ + ‘Thunder and lightning’ + ‘Thousands of Walking Dead’ + ‘Bubble pigs and their friends in a small farm’.

Bubble Pig, Cheese Mice, Glass Mole, Fat Rabbit, Lazy Cat, Brave Dog, Milk Cow and some other animal friends have interesting new weapons and special skills to protect their small farm. The bubbles, cheese, bee stings, fish bones, and some other interesting items will have the chances to be the weapons for the little cute animals. The game has some different scenarios for the players to deal with when it goes to the higher levels step by step. The players will also have a secret red ‘Treasury Box’ to deal with the tough situation on the higher levels. It provides interesting new game experience. It is an interesting game worth keeping on your iPhone.

It was available on Dec 19, 2011. The next day, it was already ranked as No.1 strategy game in 9 countries and top 10 strategy game in 24 countries on App Store. And the ranks of ‘Animals vs Zombies’ on App Store are still going up today.


Sing Sports


TC-Helicon, the only pro audio company 100 percent dedicated to the needs of vocalists of all levels, today announces Sing Sports – its novel answer to singing based games on Apple iOS devices. Played like a TV game show, two to 10 singing contestants are guided through a multi-round competition by a colourful announcer. Each round, a randomly selected Sing Master sings any phrase they wish. The other contestants do their best to copy that phrase to win.
The game play is simple, tapping ‘next’ moves players through the announcements, or ‘pardon?’ for a replay instruction. The iOS device gets passed around to each contestant indicated by their personally recorded contestant name.
Senior Software Engineer and conceiver of Sing Sports, Stephen Evans, says, “We spend all of our time designing products that let singers sound their best. Like many people, as the holidays approach we look forward to time with family and friends. We honestly asked ourselves ‘what could we bring home to our families over the holidays that would make us laugh and have fun.’ Sing Sports was our answer.”
Sing Sports uses advanced vocal technology to analyze and score the contestants’ singing – the same technology found in TC-Helicon’s range of voice processors used by professional musicians around the world. The scoring is family-friendly. Future updates are planned to include higher levels of difficulty.

Happy Vikings


After having successfully pillaged and plundered countless Android devices, the Happy Vikings are now ready to move on to iPhones and iPads! HandyGames™, the leading German publisher and developer of mobile games, releases the iOS version of its innovative hit game Happy Vikings.

Happy Vikings is a unique blend between jump’n’run game and stacking puzzle. The game features frantic action gameplay as well as the fun and satisfaction that come with stacking and clearing huge block combos. Innovative gameplay, cute comic graphics, awesome sound and full OpenFeint support make Happy Vikings a must-have title for all iOS gamers!

“Happy Vikings is already a big hit on Android so it was only a matter of time before we’d bring it to iOS.”, comments Markus Kassulke, CEO of HandyGames™. “We also did a lot of additional polishing and balancing to make sure that Happy Vikings for iOS offers an absolutely flawless gameplay experience!”


Joanne Carter, creator of the world’s most popular mobile photography and art website— TheAppWhisperer.com— TheAppWhisperer platform has been a pivotal cyberspace for mobile artists of all abilities to learn about, to explore, to celebrate and to share mobile artworks. Joanne’s compassion, inclusivity, and humility are hallmarks in all that she does, and is particularly evident in the platform she has built. In her words, “We all have the potential to remove ourselves from the centre of any circle and to expand a sphere of compassion outward; to include everyone interested in mobile art, ensuring every artist is within reach”, she has said. Promotion of mobile artists and the art form as a primary medium in today’s art world, has become her life’s focus. She has presented lectures bolstering mobile artists and their art from as far away as the Museum of Art in Seoul, South Korea to closer to her home in the UK at Focus on Imaging. Her experience as a jurist for mobile art competitions includes: Portugal, Canada, US, S Korea, UK and Italy. And her travels pioneering the breadth of mobile art includes key events in: Frankfurt, Naples, Amalfi Coast, Paris, Brazil, London. Pioneering the world’s first mobile art online gallery - TheAppWhispererPrintSales.com has extended her reach even further, shipping from London, UK to clients in the US, Europe and The Far East to a global group of collectors looking for exclusive art to hang in their homes and offices. The online gallery specialises in prints for discerning collectors of unique, previously unseen signed limited edition art. Her journey towards becoming The App Whisperer, includes (but is not limited to) working for a paparazzi photo agency for several years and as a deputy editor for a photo print magazine. Her own freelance photographic journalistic work is also widely acclaimed. She has been published extensively both within the UK and the US in national and international titles. These include The Times, The Sunday Times, The Guardian, Popular Photography & Imaging, dpreview, NikonPro, Which? and more recently with the BBC as a Contributor, Columnist at Vogue Italia and Contributing Editor at LensCulture. Her professional photography has also been widely exhibited throughout Europe, including Italy, Portugal and the UK. She is currently writing several books, all related to mobile art and is always open to requests for new commissions for either writing or photography projects or a combination of both. Please contact her at: [email protected]

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